Joshalynne Finch

If I'm not running through Colorado's breathtaking landscape, I'm indoors hidden away in my cozy game room trolling noobs and leveling up an RPG character. <em>Final Fantasy IX </em>apologist (although I love them all... except XV), coffee aficionado, English graduate, and a bit of a health nut; I left my Paralegal position to pursue my passion for creative writing. It's never too late to pursue your dreams!

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Twitch Faces $3 Billion Lawsuit From Russian Company Over Illegal Soccer Streams

Mon Dec 16 , 2019
Russian internet company Rambler Group has served Twitch with a lawsuit for illegal broadcasts of English Premier League soccer matches. As a result, the streaming business could owe 180 billion roubles ($2.8 million USD) and may have to terminate its service in Russia. Based on a BBC report, Rambler claims […]