Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.18

Final Fantasy XIV fans get a brand new patch just in time for the holidays! Patch 5.18 will be released on Christmas Eve, with the game going down at 1:00 a.m. EST on December 24th. It is a fairly small patch update, meaning maintenance will not last long, so players can get back into the game pretty soon after.

This patch will allow players to trade Manufactured Coins earned from The Copied Factory, the 24-man alliance raid, for Deepshadow Solvent, a weapon upgrade material. This patch will also abolish the weekly limit on rewards earned from Eden’s Gate Normal and Eden Gate’s Savage clears.

It’s not clear whether or not the Eden’s Gate Savage books can be farmed, and the Phantasmagoria Tomestone weekly 450 cap will not be raised, but it does mean that players will not have to go in sequential order to clear Eden’s Gate Savage and that each clear will offer two loot chests that can be  repetitively farmed!

Patch 5.18 will also kick off a new PvP Feast season, so you can start farming stuff all through the holiday break.

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