Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Has Dropped

The demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake has surprisingly dropped on the
PlayStation Store for anyone to download. While earlier leaks suggested a demo for the game would
become available to the public, nothing indicated as to when it would release. A short trailer announcing
the drop has also appeared, which you can watch below.

Players who download the demo will be able to experience the first chapter, which includes the Mako
Reactor 1 Bombing mission and the Guard Scorpion (now known as the Scorpion Sentinel) battle. On top
of that, you will also receive a new PlayStation Theme based on the RPG that will unlock when the full
game launches. Please also note that any progress made in the demo will not carry over to the full
version upon release, so play at your own risk!

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Final Fantasy VII Remake will release in multiple parts, with part one releasing on April 10th for PS4 and
sometime in 2021 for other platforms. Part one will focus solely on the Midgard portion of the original
game, with new boss fights, new characters, and re-imagined mechanics and story elements that did not
appear in older versions. There is currently no confirmed release date on any future parts, but Square
Enix has stated that the rest of the game is on schedule, with the recent delay of part one from its
original March 3rd date not effecting development.

Do you plan on playing the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo? Have you already decided to buy the full
game? Let us know in the comments! For more of the latest RPG news, check out our articles on The
Witcher 3 making over $50 Million on Steam alone and the latest reveal of the new mythical Pokémon
Zarude in Pokémon Sword and Shield. Otherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things Gaming!

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