Final Fantasy 7’s Midgar Setting Makes Sense

Midgar has always been a focal point for Final Fantasy 7. No matter how far the story progressed, it is the central city of Gaia that stayed fresh in the minds of fans. From Shinra Tower to the SOLDIER headquarters: all of this is what players call back to.

An Introductory Focus

The Final Fantasy 7 remake has now been adjusted to focus, initally, on the early journey Cloud and friends took through Sector 7. Square Enix has highlighted many key places like the Mako reactor, higher class high streets and, of course, Seventh Heaven.

As we know though there is plenty more that comes with the quest to escape the planet killer. It isn’t shown but we are being promised a fully fledged game. In some way that sets up a potential trilogy. To many, it is a worry of a game that might be short. But if Resident Evil 2 taught us anything, it’s that with new technologies comes new depth in the worlds we revisit.

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Midgar’s section is calculated to be over a quarter of the original Final Fantasy 7’s running time. To step back, the adventure beyond that is one where Cloud globe trots from a large number of locales. In many ways Midgar is a large focal point and an origin to many key players through the story of Final Fantasy 7.

Later locales like Junon and the Sister Ray to Golden Saucer and beyond all have their own share of time. But they are grains of sand compared to the full jar that is Midgar’s opening. It makes sense to focus on Midgar because it allows previous installments to help add and grow the take on the city this time around. Final Fantasy 7 will run on two full Blu-Rays for the Playstation 4, which is quite the feat.

The Rebirth of a Villain

One can imagine sections will be tweaked and removed. Cloud’s cross-dressing section, for one, and others like Red XIII’s discovery and the reveal of Jenova. Keen eyes will have noticed the confrontation between Cloud and Sephiroth; an antagonist that only makes themselves known by the time the gang leave for greener pastures.

Sephiroth’s earlier inclusion this time around actually benefits the overall story. Square Enix’s Advent Children, for example, focused a lot more between the connection between Cloud and Sephiroth. It was a little alien because that conflicting bond only made itself truly present in the later parts. The Final Fantasy 7 remake looks to bring that confrontation and burden that Cloud carries a lot earlier into the narrative, which is fantastic. Sephiroth is known as one of Final Fantasy’s main and incredibly popular villains.

In a way he was a plight and a nightmare akin to that of Jason Vorhees and Michael Myers. He always left hints of his murderous destruction, hindered the party, or tormented Cloud while the lead rediscovered his lost memories.

Midgar & Beyond

What we might be seeing here is a way more personal package fitted at first. This is a retelling that brings that depth from later discs of the original much closer within the remake.

This is probably not only due to the slight aimlessness of certain parts of the original Midgar sections. Square Enix is known for making its more recent Final Fantasy games narrative focused and more linear. To see Final Fantasy 7 take its introduction and expand it, add more narrative depth but keep the story beats now in a straight line, is what could really benefit this supposed episodic concept.

It is not known what the future Final Fantasy 7’s rebirth is going to be. Square Enix have already spoken out that its sequel has not been conceptualized yet, but that in many ways is for the best.

Midgar is the perfect start up point for this new Final Fantasy 7. It not only lays the ground work for an entirely new retread but also may potentially allow a developer to develop something even bigger next time around.

The adventure after Midgar is a big one. Square Enix already attempted an open world more recently with Final Fantasy 15. If it came to Final Fantasy 7‘s sequel going down that path again, at least the narrative and technology would be set for tackling such a task that is the world of Gaia beyond Midgar.

You can find out more information on it via Square Enix’s main page here.

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