With the COVID-19 global pandemic wreaking havoc on economies, and causing disruptions to daily life, now more than ever medical researchers need your help! As I’m sure most of us don’t have advanced degrees in disease research, nevertheless you can help through the [email protected] program.

[email protected] is a distributed computing client that essentially lets you donate CPU and GPU power to help solve portions of disease research simulations. Those solved portions are then sent back to researchers who can use that data to further research. For a better explanation by some of [email protected]’s communication advisers, check out this video below:

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[email protected] was recently updated with problem sets concerning COVID-19, so now is your time to shine! Donate your CPU and/or GPU power. Every little bit helps!

[email protected] Teams

[email protected] features teams. Users can join various teams and the points they get contribute to the team’s score. In this bout of friendly competition, everything contributes to the same end goal of disease research.

Many different communities online have teams for [email protected], including many tech enthusiast communities like EVGA (team# 111065), the Linus Tech Tips Forum Community (team# 223518), and the PCMR Community (team# 225605). But to reiterate, you don’t need to join a team to contribute.

Getting Started With [email protected]

To get started, download the installer here, and then your client will be setup. For more installation instruction there’s an extended guide here. From here, you can choose how much GPU and CPU impact [email protected] will have, as well as when to run the program. Without reading up a bit more on the various power and thermal impacts (don’t worry, it won’t damage your hardware), I would advise leaving the performance impact on low or medium.

Some of the aforementioned communities have guides on how to best setup [email protected], as well as the power impacts it will have. For example, check out PCMR’s megathread here. Currently, the specific COVID-19 workloads are listed under “Any”, but the [email protected] team has prioritized sending COVID-19 related workloads. And when COVID-19 blows over, you can still contribute to other disease research like Cancer and Huntington’s through [email protected].

Join Up Today

Though most of us don’t have advance medical degrees, we can still contribute in someway to help the cause! Check out the [email protected] team on Twitter, start folding today, and be sure to check out our Tech Section for more cool tech related stuff!

Happy folding!

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