Don’t play the game. Win it!

Do you agree with this? Of course, you do. Every player in this entire universe plays to win. The passion, the love, and the urge to win the game are the power of every player. It makes them motivated and gives them the eagerness to polish their skills. It doesn’t matter if you are playing in the field or online; you need skills to win in FIFA 21.

The tips we will share here will offer some valuable insights into how to become a more rounded FIFA player. So without any further delay, let’s directly jump into it.

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In FIFA 21, defenders have it rough. The game is created for expeditious entertainment, and that means a game full of goals. In online FIFA games, there is less chance of 0-0s as compared to in real life. This is because it is easier to attack in online games than to defend.

Many players come in and commit to challenges, but it is mostly better to just jockey your opponent and strike the attackers away from danger. This way, you won’t get exposed much and less likely to disclose fouls. Yes! It takes a lot of concentration but tends to be a better tactic than jumping into tackles and putting a risk on a booking or free-kick.

Don’t Sprint

This may sound a little weird to you because you may be playing FIFA by printing all around for your whole life. In recent editions, the stamina drain has become better; you will as likely as not have been subbing off your attackers all your life too.

Sprinting not only just makes the players tired but even makes it harder for them to pick a pass out, control the ball and with a much faster speed move the power bar. Manifestly, football is a game of speed, and FIFA emphasizes pace, but never sprinting is worse than always sprinting. Even as per Pep Guardiola’s Tactical ability, he always told the players to calm down and sprint less. So yes! Use it when you need supreme pace, but if it doesn’t require then hold on to it.

Use the radar

At the bottom of the screen, the radar is an indispensable resource, but players don’t utilize it too often. Most players play FIFA with a moderately close camera, allowing them to view what is going on and bring them closer to the action. Whereas in real life, players maintain their heads up and continuously scan passes and spaces.

Now the radar offers you this choice. It allows you to view the players marked and which players have space. Not only this, but it even shows you whether a ball over the top would be effective or not.

Utilize Agile Dribbling and Innovative Runs

In FIFA 21, there are two new features of attacking. If you use these features appropriately, then it can give you a significant tactical edge. Please expect that the best players will use these features so that they have the upper hand in the game. By pushing RB/R1, the agile dribbling is activated. This means that the player in possession will hold the ball tightly to their body and will be waiting for the correct moment for you to strike it past your adversary and run.

On the other hand, Creative runs work with LB/L1 of the right stick followed by a flick. Now you can direct your runners wherever you want to instead of waiting for the AI to make a move. In the final third, now you have more control than ever before with these two features. This can lift you brilliantly for an aim if you think ahead.

Vary your passes

You must be aware of the FIFA 20 new sort of passes that were added in the game. But in FIFA 21, they have made the game more exciting and effective with new running controls than ever. Double tapping either through the ball or short pass will upshoot in a dinked pass. It’s a more managed chip that can leave off an interception.

For now, double tapping chucked through the ball will create those fine lobs over the top, speedy and more driven. While still letting you manage the other things.

Practice Set Pieces

Fully rebuilt set pieces were there for FIFA 2020, and if you were able to master them, then congratulations! You are almost ready to become the best FIFA player.

In case you never played last year’s version or just couldn’t manage to understand the free kicks. Then you must try the drill now. Free kicks let you put various levels of curve and spin on the ball, whereas the power and technique are still offered by shooting buttons. It may take a few moments to learn it, but in the long run, FIFA 21 has a few most inclusive free-kick choices in the history of the franchise.

Final Words

To master any game, be it online or offline, it needs lots of practice and skills. Now, these skills can only get polished if you keep on practicing. Not only this, but to win the game, knowing a few tricks and tips helps a lot. Isn’t it? Well, with every passing year, FIFA is adding new features in the game, and the technique to play it changes a bit. So it would be very beneficial for you if you try to practice those tricks and tips. This will let you learn more about the game, and thus the chances of winning will increase.

When you are following the tips mentioned above, make sure you even try to know your players. Because there are some players that have better pace, some are unable to use skill moves, and some are better in the air. Thus knowing them is essential so that you can plan the move accordingly. Understanding the move of every player will give you an idea about which player to put in which situation.

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