FF7 Remake – Lost Friends Walkthrough

It’s a bright and sunny day in the Sector 7 Slums, and Betty’s just looking for someone to play with – and with Marlene sleeping in, she wants you to help find her Lost Friends.

The Lost Friends sidequest can be started after you clear out the monsters in Scrap Boulevard. You’ll have to help Betty find three cats scattered around the slums. Luckily, the game will let you know when a cat is nearby, so they’re hard to miss.

The First Cat

You may have already stumbled upon the first cat’s residence if did a little exploring earlier. A woman near the first cat will ask you to help catch it, since it stole her donut or something.

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Tunnel leading to the first Lost Friend.
It’s just a cat, lady — how about you catch it yourself?

Just crawl through the little makeshift tunnel, and you’ll find the first cat waiting at the other end. It’ll run away, but don’t worry – the cat will find its way back to Betty.

The Second Cat

When you speak to Betty, she’ll hint that the cats like to frequent the area towards the train station. If you recall, that’ll lead you to the entrance of the Sector 7 Slums.

Location of the second cat on the map.

If you stroll on by, just head towards the meowing, and you’ll find your second cat. Tifa will pipe up when she hears it.

The Final Cat

Where the cat will be sitting in front of 7th Heaven.
Lost Friend #3 will be chilling right there.

Conveniently enough, the third cat is actually sitting right by the entrance of 7th Heaven, Tifa’s bar.

Once you’ve found all the cats, just head back to Betty, and Lost Friends is complete! Funnily, it appears that she can communicate with cats, so it begs the question of why she didn’t go find the cats herself. Maybe she just really wanted an excuse to give you a Maiden’s Kiss curative. Apparently, it “removes toad-related curses”, so… I guess there are worse ways to find out that enemies can turn you into toads.

Hope that helped! If you’re interested in some of our meatier FF7-related content, check out Will’s musings on the FF7 ‘compilation’ and its lead-up to FF7 Remake!

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