A Kinect-ion No More

Microsoft have confirmed that the free promotion of an Kinect adapter with every new Xbox One S is ending.

The Xbox One S, while offering a slimmer size, sadly omitted a port for the Kinect. Running Kinect games on the One S is now impossible unless you have one of these adapters.

The promotion ended “about two weeks ago”, according to a Polygon reader after a call to Microsoft. This means that owners now must buy an adapter separately. Adapters retail for around $40USD on the Microsoft Store, compared to eBay in Australia where they range from $50AUD to $177AUD.

The promotion had no end date; all we knew is that it was running for a “limited time”.


The adapter would be included with the Kinect sometime after the One S’s release, Microsoft announced at 2016’s E3. This never happened of course, with reviews lamenting the lack of an adapter.

With the news that the adapter will be discontinued, this raises issue with the availability of the device.

The Kinect was Microsoft’s attempt to break into the motion-control market. Their previous attempt was the Xbox Live Vision. A competitor to the PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Camera offered by Sony, this Xbox-specific camera offered the chance to play using your body, as opposed to just a controller. This leant itself to titles that involved bodily movement, much like the Nintendo Wii.

Do you think the Kinect will survive this decision? Share your opinion below!

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