Exploration-Adventure “Lost Ember” Announces Release Date with Later Switch Release

Lost Ember is a game where you play as a wolf and his companion to learn about what happened to the land. The game was kickstarted back in October 2016 and has delayed its release twice since then. Now along with a brand-new trailer, Mooneye Studios announces the game’s release for July 19th. This is when the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions will be released. The studio also announced the game will be released at a later date for the Nintendo Switch.

Keep the Fans waiting?

The Developers of Mooneye Studios are relieved to finally give an actual date for the game’s release. Of course, they have the community to thank for being so patient after all of these years.

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“We have the loveliest, most patient and kind community I could have dreamed up. I can still hardly believe they’re for real,” says Producer, Sinikka Compart, “and very soon, we will finally be able to give back to our community.

Delays and Testing

During this time the team has done some testing to see if the Switch release would be doable for the small team of 5. It turns out that this is indeed true, though it won’t release in July like the other consoles.

The delays are definitely needed if the team needed this much time to decide if the game was going to be ready for the Switch or not. Luckily, they did the work and found that a Nintendo Switch version of the game is doable.

Lost Ember lets you explore ancient ruins and forgotten memories as a wolf with the ability to possess any animal you meet to find out what happened to humankind and your trusted spirit companion in a past life. The release date for the Switch is unknown. Other console and PC players can grab the game on July 19th.

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