EVO 2019 has come to an end, and we got to see so many great fights. While many of us got to enjoy so many fantastic skirmishes over the last few days, there are just as many who have a great interest in what is coming next to their favorite fighting games. What can we expect coming for 2019-2020? Here is a quick recap.

Under-Night In-Birth Exe: Late [Cl-r] Officially Announced

For a game that has had so much support over these last few years, UNIST is about to become even bigger at EVO 2019.

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Under-Night In-Birth EXE: Late [Cl-r] (UNI-CLR), will see balance changes for everyone in the cast as well as brand new moves at their disposal. There will also be a brand new character: The White Knight and the “Frozen Fang of Eternity”: Londrekia. As you can tell by his title, he has ice abilities that can freeze enemies in place.

The story of UNI-CLR reaches its climax as the Hollow Night shall arrive Early 2020.

Janemba Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ

The fourth character in Dragon Ball FighterZ is here as the reincarnation of Evil is ready to raise some HFIL!

From the DBZ Film: Fusion Reborn, Janemba brings with it a wide variety of moves that will definitely leave the opponent in a state of confusion. From its ability to warp to catching projectiles and having the opponents effectively shoot themselves, Janemba is going to be shaking things up when it arrives August 8th.

Before the trailer came to an end, we also got to see a small preview of Gogeta (SSBSS). While he will have his moves from Dragon Ball Super: Broly, it does look like there will be a special finish between Janemba and Gogeta in his SSJ form. All we know is that he will be coming soon after Janemba, but no specific date for him or Super‘s Broly.

Street Fighter V’s newest characters

It was a shame that the information for Street Fighter V did leak a few days before EVO 2019, but after many months, Street Fighter V is ready to welcome in three new fighters.

With most of the Street Fighter 2 cast in SFV, there was one notable character who up to now has gone missing. The wait seems to have come to an end though as E. Honda finally makes his return as does his classic stage: The Honda Sento. If you are the kind of person who did enjoy E. Honda’s playstyle, you will likely be right as home with him.

From Final Fight 3, Lucia makes the jump into Street Fighter V as a brand new fighter. She does look to have a variety of kick attacks as well as takedowns, a baton and some fire in her strikes. Overall, a touch hard to say what impact she will make on the roster, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, Poison is making her return as it looks like she cut her hair short, and will be making good use of her whip and flaming cocktails. With her whip, she can grab opponents from afar, swing around and further range than most of the cast.

All three characters will be available on August 4 and the Summer 2019 Character Bundle (which will not include certain costumes or the Honda Sento Stage) on August 5.

Speculationing Street Fighter V’s Future

While plenty was shown during Street Fighter V’s reveal, there were a few questions left over. One of which was the specification of “Summer 2019” as if to say or imply that we will be seeing more bundles in the near future. Who knows if these bundles will come with more characters or will just be purely costumes, but it does look like Capcom is still going to be banking on Street Fighter V for the foreseeable future.

The other thing that rose concerns was how characters were shown off, but nothing else on top of that. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but some players were in hopes that there was going to be an update to the mechanics and add in a different move for help give some of the more underused characters have a better chance against the higher tier. It is possible this can still happen or could come by the end of this year’s Capcom Cup, but overall, the reveal for the upcoming content did leave some people feeling underwhelmed compared to last year when we got G and Sagat the day after EVO 2018 came to an end.

Source: Street Fighter V

It was confirmed though that more information for Street Fighter V will be coming in November and December. While many are starting their speculation on what it could be, many on Twitch chat and on forums did make mention to Street Fighter 3‘s Oro, who was seen in Street Fighter V, but through Menat’s Story mode. Who knows if we will see another case of three characters getting released at the same time later this year or if there will be another substantial update, but either way, Street Fighter V is still going to be going strong.

More characters for Samurai Shodown and The King Of Fighters 15

While we didn’t see much after the Samurai Shodown Top 8, SNK did have a release trailer showcasing their upcoming plans.

We did get a recap of the four characters coming to the game later this year which were Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki Kazama, and Wan-Fu. While each of these characters will be out on each month throughout 2019, September did not have anything up to now. During September, there will be a free character coming: Shizumaru Hisame. Best not to underestimate the umbrella.

When 2020 rolls along, so will the second season, which will have four more characters. The first of these characters will be Mina Majikina, who was at the top of the Samurai Shodown Character Popularity Poll from Dengeki Online.

Source: Samurai Shodown

To go with the excitement of more Samurai Shodown content coming every month in 2019, SNK also took the time to announce The King of Fighters 15. All that we know is that it is currently in development so it will take some time before we start to see some game footage.

Source: The King of Fighters XV

Soul Calibur 6’s future plans outlined

After SNK’s announcement, the Soul Calibur 6 team came out to announce the final character in the season pass: Cassandra.

Much like her sister, she uses a sword and shield to fight but is more agile and improvised. She will have a wide range of moves that fans have come to expect over the years and will be dropping tomorrow.

To go with the announcement of the final season pass character, we got a trailer highlighting the second season coming soon. The new season will not only come with four more fighters and character costume customization options but will come with a brand new system. This update will likely bring drastic changes to the game as what we saw with Tekken 7. There is no word on when season 2 will start, but we will likely get more information in the coming months.


Before the trailer came to a close, we got to see who one of the four characters will be, which will be Haohmaru from Samurai Shodown. No gameplay was shown, but we can expect the same level of intense swordsmanship that we’ve come to expect out of him. He will be the second character in the season pass and will be the third third-party character coming to Soul Calibur 6 after Geralt of Rivia from Witcher 3 and 2B from Nier Automata.

Tekken 7 starts Season 3 in September

For those of you who got to enjoy Tekken 7’s Top 8, there is plenty more action to look forward to. The World Cup Finals for Tekken 7 will be happening in Thailand on September 7 and 8.

After that announcement, we got confirmation that Season 3 will soon be underway. And with a new season, there will be new moves for all playable characters, including guest characters. But more importantly, we got a new set of to compliment the new characters joining the cast, Zafina joins the roster as she looks to have a rather bizarre set of moves and movements, including the ability to transform her hand into the hand of Azazel to do massive damage.

We also got a brand new and original character named: Leroy Smith. From initial impressions, some did draw a comparison to IP Man, although it will be some time until we can see what moves he will bring to the game.

While we have no idea who else will join, we did get a rather strange interference with the comms from Metal Gear Solid suddenly appearing at the end of Loser’s finals (although it was later confirmed to be a prank). At this time, many are under the impression that there could be more guest characters like Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear, or Final Fantasy 7’s Tifa but who knows what we can expect to see happen in Season 3.

There will only be four characters coming in Season 3. Zafina will come in September with Season 3, Leroy, Character 3 and a new feature arrives in Winter 2019 and character 4 (with a new stage) will be in around Spring 2020.

A quick Roundup of Updates.

Evo Japan 2020 gets first details

Evo Japan got a small update on what we can expect. There wasn’t much, but we do know that the event will be happening on January 24-26. While the full line up has not been announced yet, we do know at least three games so far: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle, Soul Calibur 6, and Tekken 7. We will likely see games like Street Fighter V, Smash Ultimate, and more get their announcements too, but we will get more information in the coming months.

The Next Guilty Gear

As the final announcement for EVO 2019, we got confirmation that the next Guilty Gear will be coming in 2020. Words can not even begin to describe how clean the animations are. Definitely be sure to check out the teaser trailer if you have not done so already.

What do you think about EVO 2019?

Did you enjoy EVO 2019? What were some of your favorite Evo 2019 moments? Do you have any ideas on guest characters you’d like to see in Tekken 7? Or any other the other games like Soul Calibur 6? Samurai Shodown? Or Street Fighter V?

Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments down below and follow us at Culture of Gaming for more on your favorite fighting games and other things in the gaming world.


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