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Metro: Exodus is an upcoming survival, action, FPS developed by 4A Games and published by Deep Silver. It’s set to release on February 15th, 2019. You can read our thoughts on the game pre-launch here.

The World of Metro

The world is set in the 2030s, in Moscow, Russia. Well, more like beneath Moscow. But the story beings in the early 2000s. World War III began. Once again, the Nazis were at the root of the issues. The conflicts and history play out very similarly to our actual World War II. It diverges at one major point, however: Russia is covered by nukes, resulting in the Apocalypse. Mankind was driven underground into the Russian metro system, hence the name.


The Metro is a very bleak and dangerous world. Monsters lurk around every corner. But you also have to worry about radiation hot spots, spirits forced to relive their death for eternity, and tunnels full of enemy factions. For the likes of the Nazis and The Communists factions, it’s as if World War III was still going on. Even the Apocalypse wasn’t enough to stop their hatred. Their ideologies and tactics are the same as they were in our world. The Nazis use concentration camps, and the Communists randomly gun down citizens in the streets.


The Metro system is still at war. The Nazis that had been attempting an invasion of Russia, the Communists of Russia, and other free groups competed for survival. The games begins twenty years after the nukes dropped, in 2033. Mankind struggles for survival against each other, and the many mutated monstrosities that lurk in the Metro. The surface is accessible, but radiation levels require those who go up to don gas masks for protection.

Artyom Alekseyevich Chyornyj

That very, very Russian name there? That’s your character’s name. Don’t worry about remembering all of it, he is only referred to as Artyom.

You play as a free man, and future Ranger named Artyom, who is from an underground city called Exhibition. Artyom was born before the bombs fell, but was only a very young child when he had to flee into the Metro.

MetroHe originally grew up in Timiryazevskaya Station before it was overrun by a horde of rats. He then moved to VDNKh Station, with his adoptive father, Sukhoi. His mother died shortly after bringing him down into the Metro, and we do not know anything about his biological father.

We don’t see much of his childhood, but one important detail we do get to experience, is Artyom and his childhood friends opening a door on the surface that lead down to the Metro. They were quickly surrounded by some of the mutants, but were saved by The Dark Ones. This lead The Dark Ones to appoint Artyom as their Chosen One: the man responsible for reuniting the two species.


Artyom has had to grow up fast. He started off as a regular man in his station, who participated in its defense. He was a well known, and well liked man. Until the events of Metro: 2033 happen, and he leaves his station, enduringa series of events that grants him entry into the ranks of the elite Spartan Order, as one of their Rangers.

The Dark Ones

An advanced species called The Dark Ones, are the center of the series’ overarching plot. They are believed to be mutated from humans, often referred to as the next step in human evolution. They are tall, alien like creatures who possess many mind manipulating abilities, and bonded with Artyom when he was a child, which gives him a resistance to them.


The people of the Metro fear these creatures, and laugh at those who believe mankind should embrace them. They believe that The Dark Ones would turn them into mind controlled cattle slaves. The Dark Ones actually wish for peace, and to aid mankind in a world that is barely suitable for them now.

Metro: 2033

Metro: 2033 is the first game in the series. The game begins with Artyom going to one of the surface entrances for VDNKh Station to meet his father’s friend, Hunter. Hunter was to report information on The Dark Ones. He entrusts his dog tags to Artyom and gives him a mission. To reach the center of the Metro, Polis, and warn them of the Metro.

Artyom does just this. By navigating the metro and crossing some of the Surface, he makes it to Polis.


The Story

Before doing so, he meets a lot of new people. He signs on to escort a man named Bourbon. Bourbon dies during their trek when he cornered by some men he owed money to. Right after that, a series regular named Khan approaches you, and helps you escape. Artyom helps Khan protect his station from some of the mutants, before moving onward to the Red Line, a communist controlled Station. Nearly being arrested upon entry, and then executed on the spot for attempting escape, Andrew the Mechanic manages to hide you before it all went down.


Unfortunately, Artyom is a troublemaker. He gets captured by the Nazis in the Fourth Reich, very shortly after. Before he is once again executed, two Spartan Rangers manage to rescue him. Their names were Pavel and Ulman. They split up, Ulman continues his mission, as Pavel escorts Artyom to Polis. Pavel dies very quickly, as the companions of Artyom often do.

Artyom finally makes it to Polis, and reunites with Ulman. He is taken to Miller, the Colonel of the Spartan Order. He denies Artyom’s request for help to the Exhibition. Instead, he requests that Artyom assist him with his plan to save the entire metro by reaching the D6 bunker.


The D6 Bunker is a nigh legendary location, and most people doubt that it exists. It is equipped with enough weapons and supplies to survive on for decades, and missiles enough to wipe out The Dark Ones.

The Endings

So, you do that, you hunt down information on the bunker, and then you find it. But your mission is not yet over. You and Miller take a missile guidance system, and climb to the top of the tower. Here, you set up the guidance system and you destroy the home of The Dark Ones.


There is another, secret ending, that can be achieved by successfully utilizing the games moral system. The ending results in Artyom realizing that The Dark Ones just want peace, so he destroys the guidance system. This ending is non-canon however, as it would prevent the events of Metro: Last Light from happening.

Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light follows shortly after the events of the new game. Now, Artyom is a member of the Rangers, and has received numerous commendations since joining the Spartan Order. They have also relocated to the D6 bunker. The D6 Bunker is a large plot point of this game as well. The other factions are all planning ways to take the bunker for themselves, despite attempting peace talks.


The Story

Artyom’s mission is simple. To find a reported baby Dark One, and eliminate it. Khan begs Miller to allow you to bring it in alive, and after the events of Metro: 2033,  you have no intention of killing it, having come to the realization that the Dark Ones never meant harm. They were just immediately met with violence. Miller assigns his daughter Anna, an elite sniper member of the Order, to accompany you. She was set to eliminate the Dark One if you could not, and you if you fell under its control.


Instead you’re, that’s right, captured. You’re taken in by the Nazis of the Fourth Reich and taken to a concentration camp. You manage to escape with the help of a Communist named Pavel. Unfortunately, Pavel is actually a high ranking Red Line officer who betrays Artyom. The Communists also had a mole inside of D6. His name was Lensnitsky. He managed to create a weaponized Ebola virus, that they tested on their own citizens. Artyom escapes, and is forced to race Pavel to locate the Dark One, while attempting to also rescue his partner Anna from Lensnitsky.


Artyom succeeds in rescuing Anna, but both were exposed to the Virus. They were placed into quarantine together, and the two wound up becoming romantically and sexually comfortable with one another in the face of death. However, they live! Woohoo!

Artyom makes his way to the peace talks in Polis. Along the way he kills Lensnitsky and Pavel, while rescuing the Dark One. The Dark One makes General Korbut of the Red Line, announce his plans to take toe D6 bunker by force during the meeting, and Artyom and the Rangers race back and prepare for the final battle.

The Endings

There are two endings of this battle. The first ending, is canon to the novels, but not the game. Artyom blows up D6 to  prevent the Red Line from using it. Later, Anna is shown telling their son about how brave his father was.


The canon ending has Artyom nearly blow up the D6 bunker before the little Dark One returns with a group of Dark Ones that had been hibernating in the bunker. The Darks Ones defeat the Communist army and then leave, saying that they must flee for safety, but will one day return to help rebuild the world.

Metro: Exodus

We don’t know much about Metro: Exodus yet. What we do know is that Artyom and Anna are now married, and this takes place a few years after Metro: Last Light. Artyom and Anna are set to trek across the surface on a fortified locomotive named the Aurora, in search of a new place to live.


Unfortunetly, we do not know if Anna retained her pregnancy from the first ending of  Last Light. This, among many other things, is what Metro: Exodus is set to answer for us.

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