Esports Driver beats Formula E driver in Real Life


An esports racing driver claimed a historic victory over an ex-F1 driver in real life, on a real life track. 

Sim racer and professional gamer Enzo Bonito (@EnzoBonito17) took on Formula E and ex-F1 driver Lucas di Grassi (@LucasdiGrassi) earlier today, and beat him by over half a second. Doing so, with a final time of 52.3885, compared to di Grassi’s 53.0576.

Bonito took on di Grassi on the track in Mexico at the Race of Champions event. The ROC event pits current and legendary F1 drivers against new talent from the world of simulation and esports racing.

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Bonito is a driver for two of the biggest simulation racing teams, Team Redline and Mclaren Shadow. He is the current reigning eROC champion and will try and defend his title again at the same event this weekend. The Brazillian came up against di Grassi, who competed at the top level of F1 in 2010. Who now competes in Formula E and was recently World Champion in 2016-17.

All in all, the kid who drives F1 cars on a computer, beat a Formula E driver who does this for a living, giving hope to all us gamers.

So, have a look at the unbelievable lap that reinforces the continuous rise of eSports below:

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