Esports Charts, an Esports data provider, has announced that it is partnering with Tundra Esports, a UK-based esports organization. Esports Charts will provide analytics on the organization’s teams and players and statistics from the global esports market.

The joint statement provided by the two parties indicates that they intend to have a long-term relationship that will help grow the esports market. Tundra Esports is not the first organization to enter such a partnership as companies such as Natus Vincere, G2 Esports, and Fnatic have also had similar arrangements in the recent past.

According to Artyom Odintsov, CEO of Esports Charts, “Tundra Esports is a perfect example of an esports organization that is well-driven and vigorous. We are pleased to partner with them and provide data to help them understand their audience better and grow their popularity. Our team will also offer a complex view of their rosters viewership and help in tracking their progress”.

Talking about the partnership, Tomi Tikkala, Head of Business Development at Tundra Esports, stated that they were thrilled to partner with Esports Charts to ensure that they have up-to-date analytics at hand in the esports sector. He went on to say that the analytics will also help determine the popularity of their roasters. His closing remarks highlighted the partnership would help in reporting, decision-making, and forecasting while exploring new opportunities in the fast-growing space of esports.



About Tundra eSports

Tundra Esports is a London-based professional esports organization that was launched in 2019. The company currently fields a roster for FIFA but recently added a Dota 2 team in January 2021. The company has achieved a lot within one year and has partnered with various brands in both technology and fashion. Kappa is the Official Sportive Teamwear provider, and TikTok is the principal partner.

The organization houses international talents from countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Poland, and the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup Champion plays for Tundra Esports. The organization seeks to expand into other competitive leagues and be a powerhouse in the esports world.

eSports Charts

Esports Charts is an analytical service that provides comprehensive data and metrics for esports Livestream and broadcasts. The company’s aim is to increase trust and transparency towards viewership data. Sponsors and organizers of esports events can thus understand the popularity of their events through a reputable 3rd party.

We hope this new partnership will increase transparency and help Tundra Esports understand its teams and players better. Esports has become a lucrative category for sportsbooks since the Covid-19 pandemic struck, which has boosted its growth. Intertops Review shows that esports is one of the betting options available on modern sportsbooks since it’s one of the most profitable sports of this time.


Fun facts about eSports

  • The number of esports gamers every month is expected to grow from 167 million in 2018 to highs of 272 million by 2022.
  • The viewership of esports is expected to be 646 million by 2022, which will be an almost 200% increase from 2017.
  • Twitch recorded 335 billion minutes of viewership in 2017, a 22% increase from the previous year.
  • Esports has a greater following than Major League Baseball.
  • Esports events account for up to 9% of revenues generated by gaming companies.
  • Women are getting into esports as they represent 35% of the players and 30% of the viewers.
  • Ninja, one of the most successful esports players who streams his games on Twitch, earns almost $1 million a month.
  • A YouTubers gaming event dubbed EGLX hosted in Toronto in 2018 has 55,000 attendees.
  • Prizes worth $25 million were paid to participants during The International, a Dota 2 tournament organized by Developer Valve in 2018.
  • World’s largest Sims community site, The Sims Resource (TSR), records 2.5 billion views per month.


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