eShop Deals (Switch) – Last Chance to Buy

The Best eShop Deals Ending Soon

There’s no time like the present to be playing some great games, and for those of us with Nintendo Switch’s there are some great deals. A handful of these run out very soon, so be sure to grab these eShop deals whilst you still can!

Disclaimer: These deals are on the UK eShop and subject to that region and currency. (Deals still apply elsewhere)

Streets of Rage 4

DotEmu have brought back the classic, widely loved, side-scrolling beat-em up franchise Streets of Rage 4. The best part? It’s just come out, and it’s already on sale for 10% off. So that means right now and until the 3rd of May you can pick up this game for £20.24.

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eShop Deals Streets of Rage 4
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This game is about as 90s as it can get. So if you have an itch to beat up poorly dressed thugs under a neon skyline this is the game for you. Although that’s not even the best part, its also 4 player co-op! Get your house together and play some great co-op beat em up action already, that’s if you’ve played Castle Crashers yet.

Overcooked 2 

With a 40% discount bringing the game down to £11.99 Overcooked 2 is a steal. I sing the praises of this game at whatever chance I can get, and honestly everyone should play it. This deal is only available until the 3rd of May too, so don’t miss out.

eShop Deals Overcooked 2
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For the uninitiated Overcooked 2 is a party game in the loosest sense. You and a group of up to 4 all work together to prep, cook, clean and serve meals. The twist being that none of the levels take place in a Kitchen. With simple controls anyone can pick this game up and learn it fast, but communication and understanding each level is key.

The joy, surprisingly, comes from how hectic and rage inducing this game quickly becomes. You’ll be shouting orders and roles to everyone, as they do the same to you. It’s great fun, just make sure you play with people you get on really well with.

My only tip: sign each player a role and stick to it.


Much like Overcooked 2, this one will involve a lot of hectic screaming. Except this game is much harder. Cuphead is a boss rush style game with excellent 1930s style animation. It’s great fun for either just you, or you can bring along a friend. The visual style and tactile controls make for a great, if somewhat excruciating, experience. Oh and the music is incredible.

eShop deals cupped
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So its great then that you can get this game at 25% off. On its own that doesn’t sound like much, but it brings this game down to £12.74 until the 6th of May. As with all the games on this list, you can’t ignore this one.

Splatoon 2

Nintendo’s very own flagship Switch shooter is on sale at the moment until the 10th of May. You’ve got some time to make your decision on this one, but its not every day that a first-party Nintendo title goes on sale. At 33% off no less. This is one of the eShop deals at a great discount, as it costs £33.39!

Splatoon 2
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With a fairly large competitive and casual multiplayer scene Splatoon 2 might just be your next shooter, you don’t know until you try. Either way its robust, got an interesting ink related twist, and great fun!

Dead Cells

Don’t worry, I’m not going to lift every word of this recommendation from a Youtuber. This is one of the eShop Deals that isn’t that cheap, but the replay-ability of Dead Cells speaks for itself. Actually I’ll let the developers do just that: “Dead Cells is a rogue-lite, Castlevania-inspired action-platformer, allowing you to explore a sprawling, ever-changing castle… assuming you’re able to fight your way past its keepers.”

Dead Cells screenshot
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Coming in at £17.99 this is one is a pretty good deal, considering you’re supposed to keep replaying it. Although this deal ends on May 3rd so you’ll want to consider it quick.

Kuukiyomi: Consider it!

Alright this one is… weird. But its one sale for £2.99 until May 2nd (that’s today when this article goes up!) and only costs £3.99 full price, so if you miss this one it’s still really cheap!

eShop Deal Kuukiyomi
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Right, Kuukiyomi is a collection of small Mario Party style mini games that you play with a friend, or alone. You need to score as high as possible, but you don’t know how. You need to accomplish what each mini-game wants you to achieve with minimal info. So for example, you and a friend might need to get on a train, but you need to be considerate by waiting for everyone else to get off first.

Essentially you need to consider it, whilst being considerate. It’s just that simple.

Baba Is You

This a puzzle game that legitimately turns the genre on its head, and it’s one of the cheaper eShop deals, coming in at £8.46 until May 3rd.

eShop deals baba is you
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So what is Baba Is You then? It’s a puzzle game where you need to accomplish what each level tells you. It might say Baba Is You and Flag Is Win (as the image above does). Meaning you are Baba, and getting them to the flag ends the level. The interesting part comes as each word is also part of the level. Meaning you can move them around. So you could become the flag, or have the ability to walk through walls.

I don’t want to spoil it too much, as the way it gets you thinking about puzzles is so unique it would be better if you experienced it first hand! But this is a great deal for a great puzzle game.

Those are our top picks for eShop Deals ending soon!

Are you going to pick up any of the deals mentioned above? let us know in the comments or on Twitter @thecognetwork! Why not check out the best current Steam deals too? As always, thanks for reading COG!

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