Shenmue 3

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games Founder and CEO confirmed that Epic Games will bear the cost of refunding copies of Shenmue 3 to avoid reducing Ys Net‘s development budget.

Sweeney also added that they’d change their approach to avoid similar situations in the future. Epic will “either coordinate with colleagues at the other stores to ensure key availability in advance, or guarantee refunds at announcement time”.

Alternative Refund Options

Apart from money refunds, Ys Net and publisher Deep Silver are offering some alternatives to the backers of the project. It’ll be possible to request a Steam key of Shenmue 3 or a physical copy of it. However, the Steam key will arrive a year later, at the end of the game’s exclusivity period.

Developer Ys Net addresses this on the game official Kickstarter page, writing:

“That we are not able to offer Steam keys for Kickstarter rewards at the time of the game’s release is a great disappointed and inconvenience for those backers who were expecting to receive them. We deeply apologize for the unrest caused by the announcement.”

The physical copy instead contains an Epic Games Store installer rather than the game data.

Shenmue 3

For PC players, there is also the possibility to ask for a PS4 copy of the game as a refund.

This is the list of alternative refunds:

  • PC Physical: Package (Disc) + EGS Key
  • PC Digital: EGS Key
  • PS4 Physical: Package (Disc)
  • PS4 Digital: PSN Voucher Code

*If selecting either the PC Physical or PC Digital version, an option to also receive a Steam key one year later will be available. Backers must manually select this option in the survey to receive the Steam key.

**If you had previously selected PC and want to change to PS4 or vice versa, you may do so.

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