Epic Games took to twitter on Monday, April 1st to announce the return of Cliff Bleszinski, the previously former design director for Epic Games. Bleszinski, who is affectionately known as “CliffyB” by the gaming community, rose to prominence due to the success and popularity of the Gears of War franchise. However, after the release of Gears of War 3, Bleszinski left Epic to found his own studio, Boss Key Productions, who ultimately developed Law Breakers. 

However, with the news of Bleszinski reprising his role at Epic Games, came the announcement of a new Battle Royale game: EternityEternity aims to offer the same cover based combat that Gears of War was notorious for, while “providing a unique element to the battle royale experience”. Eternity was allegedly chosen to reflect the games as a service model the new battle royale would take on, as well as the hopes of lasting longevity the game will eventually have.

“We feel that Fortnite is in a bubble right now, and although we’ve enjoyed its success so far, we need to design a game from the ground up to better embrace the ever so popular and industry trend of ‘games as a service'”.

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“Ha, you guys got bamboozled.” – Mirage, Apex Legends.

Happy April 1st, ladies and gentlemen.


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