EA Play showed off a ton of new features for the battle royal game Apex Legends. The start of a new season (Beginning on July 2nd), called “Battle Shock”, brings new weapon skins, new legend skins, a new queue and a new legend as well. Here are some of the topics covered in the stream.


With the new season comes a new queue called “Apex Elite” in which the top five of a match can enter in to face off against players whom also placed top five in their last match. This could ease some of the pressure on players having a tough losing streak. Also this could give the challenge more skilled players are looking for.


Source: EA’s Apex Legends Website

Source: EA’s Apex Legends Website

The team on the panel discussed a poor reception of the season one battle-pass and how they plan to improve. Progression in “battle-pass” level will no longer be time based, but instead challenge based. These challenges will stack, allowing you to progress through them without a set time limit. This will allow progression in levels to be faster than season one, which was a brutal crawl.

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New legend skins will also be including for such legends as Wraith, Bloodhound and Caustic. The skins are a complete upgrade from the basic skins, except for Bloodhound which keeps the classic feel with wide leopard print. The new Wraith skin, called “Night Terror” is earned by reaching battle-pass level 15 before the end of the new event.

Another addition to the level system for the new Apex Legnds battle-pass is players who place in top 5 of a game gain an entire battle-pass level once per day.

Battle-pass holders will also get the legendary R-301 skin “Honored Prey.”


The game will be adding a ranked mode in the near future. The ranks will be from Bronze to Apex Predator with six tiers. This is a feature that has been requested for some time. It should add a new breath of life into the game for the more competitive gamers. Rewards will be given at the end of the season depending on ending rank.


Source: EA’s Apex Legends Website

Apex Legends will be adding in another new crate only LMG called the “L-Star”. Like other crate weapons it will not have addition ammunition to pick up, having only a set amount. The team on the panel added that the weapon is “Overpowered.” Like most weapons on Apex Legends, The “L-Star” was featured in the Titan Fall series.

The team also teased that the Mozambique would be getting a buff to become more useful. Also teased was the addition of two new hop ups.


Source: EA’s Apex Legends Website

Revealed at the even for Apex Legends was the 10th legend to enter King’s Canyon, Wattson. She is the daughter of the scientist who invented the ring, the panel said. She will be a support class, focusing on defensive strategies. Wattson uses a fence ability with 12 nodes that can be placed in any pattern, limited only to the player creativity. The fence damages and slows enemies that pass through it. The passive ability of Wattson is that Ultimate Accelerants grant full Ultimate charge instead of a portion. This means Wattson can get her ultimate faster than any other legend. Her ultimate is a deployable “Interception Pylon” that allows her to build her fences with a much faster cooldown while standing near it. The main abilities of the “Interception Pylon” is to repair shields within a range and destroy incoming ordnance.


Source: EA Play Recap video for Apex Legends Season 2

At the end of a recap shown at the event, a large eye was shown opening while a legend dropped from the sky. The only word given on this reveal was that “Big Things” were coming to King’s Canyon.  Also hinted at was more lore including a mysterious group called the “Syndicate.”

This was a ton of information dropped and I hope that I didn’t miss anything. The event was extremely fast paced much like the game.

The final piece of information was that there is currently a double XP weekend happening June 7th – 9th.

For all the information and to download your copy of the free game, make sure to visit https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends

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