This week, Taylor is away as Anthony takes over hosting duties and is joined by Matt and Mike as they recap the week’s news such as E3 being cancelled, tech topics and more.

Kicking things off this week, we have some breaking news about E3 relating to the cancellation of the event. The main creative directors of E3 2020 have backed out of their position and are one of the many devs and individuals to walk away from E3 this year.

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Following this, Matt discusses the Last of Us TV show and just what that will entail as well as new details surrounding the show.

Mike then discusses the issue that Ubisoft is facing with development and how that could affect their upcoming releases. Could we see more Breakpoint style releases from the company? We sure hope not!

Following this, Anthony discusses just what developers think of Google Stadia and how that could affect the streaming platform. Will we see more than the current 28 titles on the platform? Or, will it die before receiving proper support? Time will tell.

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