E3 2020 looks as if it will no longer go ahead. This is according to multiple sources mentioned by Gamespot and multiple members of the gaming industry on Twitter. Rumors began to swirl online yesterday that the consumer and trade show would soon be officially cancelled. This has been brought on by high numbers of video game publishers and platform holders dropping out of the event. As well as ongoing safety concerns due to Coronavirus. Gamespot claims that several sources have confirmed the news but ESA has yet to officially announce the cancellation.

Devlover Digital encouraged people to cancel their E3 plans, flights and accommodation. Since then a number of other members of the industry have started to hint and even claim that the cancellation will go ahead. One of which is Jason Schreier, acclaimed news editor at Kotaku, claiming to hear similar information.

This will be the first time since the event  began that E3 will skip a year. ESA has yet to respond to news outlets to comment on the matter. The event itself was looking in bad shape over the past few months. PlayStation announced they would not be attending the event, similarly to the year before. Geoff Keighley had dropped out of hosting the E3 Colosseum. Plus iam8bit, a creative services company that makes video game collectibles and was set to be the creative director for E3 2020’s new format. Had also stepped away from their position.

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As for the rest of the publishers that were going to attend the event, it is unclear what they will do with the content they had to show if the event is to be cancelled. Microsoft was set to unveil the power of the Xbox Series X, but now without E3 2020, it’s more than likely these publishers will go down the route of an online showcase, similar to Nintendo Directs.

What are your views on the recent events. Do you feel this is a blessing in disguise for publishers? Do you feel that this is the end of E3 as we know it? Let us know in the comments. Also if you want to read more on E3, check out our article on If e3 is dying right here. As always, thanks for reading COG! 

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