Culture of Gaming’s E3 2018 Coverage!

With EA’s press conference just a few hours away, Culture of Gaming is gearing up to give you all the coverage you may want over the weekend. Each conference will have a comprehensive article written about it, as well as a reaction/opinion piece done by our very talented authors. Make sure you check these articles as they come out over the course of the long weekend:

Microsoft John Powell
Bethesda Rob Coffin
Square Enix Mike Sol
Ubisoft Mike Sol
Sony John Powell
Nintendo John Powell


The Reaction pieces are as follows:

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Microsoft Mike Sol
Sony Aidan Simonds
Nintendo Aidan Simonds


Finally, live coverage will be brought to you by our podcast team. 30 minutes before every conference we will be hosting a “pre-game” show, as we discuss what we think we will see, and what we’re all excited for. We will be streaming every conference LIVE as they happen. As our panel views them, you get to hear our live discussion and then join us for a “post-game” show where we break down and process everything that just happened.

Join us tomorrow (June 9th) starting at 10:30 PST on where we will be covering EA live. Hope to see everyone around!

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Taylor Evans

Taylor has been gaming for as long as he could hold a controller. He has hosted gaming oriented podcasts for four years, and has even started to dabble in writing about anime. Taylor almost enjoys discussing games more then playing them, and when not watching anime or playing games, Taylor can be found going off on rants about the technical details behind the games.

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