That’s it, everyone! E3 is finished for another year, you can finally get your blessed sleep and continue with your lives. However, there are probably some of you who are thinking back, wondering if something was missing. Well, you wouldn’t be the only one.

It seems that whilst this year’s E3 delivered in terms of confirming Elder Scrolls VI’s development and a closer look at The Last of Us Part II, the showcase missed out on presenting or confirming a lot of games.

Just in case you’ve gotten over your disappointment, here is a reminder of all the games that were not announced or showcased in the week. From to Animal Crossing for Switch to Borderlands 3, someone’s bound to be disappointed.

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Below you will find a guide through all of the conferences at E3 this year. With each conference, there are links to articles from the CoG crew, then a summary of the highs and the disappointments.

EA Conference

Whilst EA was in charge of kicking off the annual event, it’s hard to get people excited for an EA conference. With the release of Unravel Two, the announcement of the Clone Wars DLC for Star Wars Battlefront 2, and… Anthem, some were thrilled.

What would have been great, however, is if Skate 4 was a thing. It has been eight years since the release of Skate 3, and fans of the franchise were hoping those eight years were finally over.

Firstly, Skake 3 launched its servers again in the week, and fans took it as a sign. Then there was even a troll announcement on Twitch’s E3 stream, but unfortunately, they’re not as lucky this year.

Microsoft Conference

It wasn’t hard for Microsoft to top EA’s showcase, announcing a total of 52 games across different consoles and developers. They graced fans with installments to two of their biggest franchises: Halo Infinite and Gears 5. They drew people in with Cyberpunk 2077, the spinoff of the open world of Cyberpunk 2020 (1990).

Another game that was released years ago but has not had another installment yet is Fable 3, which was released 8 years ago.

What people know about Fable 4 is that it definitely exists. Back in January, it was announced that the UK developer Playground would collaborate with Microsoft on this installment. But if fans did not see anything at this E3, then they should almost definitely see something next year… hopefully. Fingers crossed.

There was also Gearbox’s Borderlands 3 absence, despite the fact that it’s rumoured to come to players between October of this year to September 2019.

This is considered an important game for 2K, and is definitely expected by gamers because of Rectify Gaming’s involvement and the dreaded Walmart leak. This could have been revealed at Bethesda or Microsoft’s conference, but unfortunately, it was neither.

Bethesda Conference

People attended Bethesda’s conference for one reason and one reason only: Todd Howard. Luckily, depending on your preferences, they left with Fallout 76, Doom Eternal, Rage 2, and a map of West Virginia that glows the dark. Oh, and also Elder Scrolls VI. Overall, this announcement was enough to win people over (Elder Scrolls VI, not the glow in the dark map).

As mentioned before, Borderlands 3 was absent from their line-up. However, at a conference which pleased almost everybody by announcing a title teaser for Elder Scrolls VI, there was little that wasn’t announced at their conference this year. If you are a Dishonoured fan, then you were left out. What they didn’t announce was the platforms in which these games would be on, but with their latest additions to Switch, we can expect a lot more between the two.

Square Enix Conference

It’s been three years since people had sat to listen in on Square Enix conference. Three years since Just Cause 3, Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

With such strong titles, what could people expect this year? There were sequels to their big games with Just Cause 4 and Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and then a trailer and release date for Kingdom Hearts 3.

However, Final Fantasy had not delivered as much in this conference, missing out on showcasing games such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Dissidia, or Final Fantasy XV. The hype that was built up in 2015 came back to square one at this conference, but “maybe they’ll announce something soon”.

Recently it was announced that the Final Fantasy VII Remake has moved beyond ‘early concept stages’ and is now into full development, so at least fans know it’s finally moving forward and something is actually happening.

What truly shocked people, however, was the Avengers game. Where was it?!

In January of last year, Marvel revealed the Avengers Project teaser trailer that boasted about an original story created in partnership with Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. More details were expected to come this year, so fans expected an E3 surprise with this one. Unfortunately, it looks like this game is slightly delayed.

Ubisoft Conference

Ubisoft had a couple of small announcements, but with a lot of detail and information for players.

The Division 2 was given a location, an insight into the three DLCs that are available to players for free, and a promise of offering more than The Division. Then Assassins’s Creed Odyssey came through and gave a release date, a teaser, insight into the gameplay, and information on its links with Origins.

A key let down, however, was Splinter Cell’s absence during the day. Whilst there was a Ghost Recon Wildlands DLC that surprised fans, an absent follow-up to Splinter Cell: Blacklist left many feeling disappointed.

Ubisoft President, Yves Guillemot, revealed that Ubisoft intends to bring back the franchise to fans but didn’t go into detail on why nothing has happened yet. It’s going be a long wait to see Sam Fisher again, but what you should know is that Splinter Cell is not completely off the table.

Watch Dog 3 was another Ubisoft game that was recently rumoured to be in development back in April, but with no mention at E3, it is hard to determine if the game even exists.

Sony Conference

It was great to see Sony present The Last of Us Part Two and provide an exclusive gameplay feature, as well as talk about Kojima and Death Stranding as an open-world action game.

Then Sony ended their showcase on Spider-Man, set for release this year, with a gameplay demo and trailer. Sony had definitely shown a lot more than these three games, but there are also many games which were left out, leaving people feeling confused.

Despite a teaser trailer released back in December for this remastered game, MediEvil did not make an appearance: no release date, no trailer, and no acknowledgement of the game.

The same can be said for Shenmue III, where a trailer was released in August of last year. However, with Shenmue we got confirmation from Deep Silver that the game would no longer release in 2018 as it was supposed to be.

In terms of MediEvil, we can hope to expect more at Gamescom this year.

Nintendo Conference

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was enough to get everyone hyped at this conference, announcing that every single fighter from the history of Super Smash Bros. is a playable character. You can look forward to that on December the 7th.

That was just the one game, as Nintendo announced an array of games, such as Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee, and Battle Royale for Switch.

However, with so many announcements, Nintendo were bound to leave something out of their presentation.

Firstly, despite its reveal last year, there were no details on Metroid Prime 4, which was announced at E3 last year. What we do know is that it is still in development, but not enough that Nintendo is willing to reveal anything.

The same can be said for Yoshi, which has been pushed back to 2019. Even Animal Crossing fans were disappointed at no news of a game for Switch.

Final Note

Whilst some of you are thrilled at games announced this year, there are games mentioned above that didn’t make the final cut.

However, with a majority of them such as MediEvil and Avengers, you definitely know that the game is out there and it exists; the only problem is you just have to wait a bit longer for their debut. For those who were expecting to see Skate 4 or Animal Crossing this year, unfortunately this year was not for you. To quote a phrase used time and time again, every year, by every disappointed gamer.

Maybe we can expect something at next year’s E3.

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