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E3 2018 : EA reveals more about Anthem, Star Wars plans

Rangers. Colossi. Intecepters. Storms.

At its E3 press conference, EA not only disclosed the four classes of freelancer Javelins (exo-suits) in Anthem but also the fact that players will be able to switch between them depending on the missions they take on.

Rangers excel at close-combat. They are the workhorse Javelins. As their name denotes, the Colossi are the tank-like Javelins. They house devastating weapons and abilities but are not the most agile of Javelins.

Intecepters and Storms, seemed like stealth and elemental Javelins but nothing was confirmed by the Bioware representatives.

Players will be able to not only change the color and look of their Javelins but also the geometry itself.

There will be no loot boxes and no way for players to pay for advantages in the game. Players will be able to tackle the missions, adventures by themselves. The developers warn players though that things will be harder for those that do elect to do so.

Anthem will mesh both campaign and multiplayer experiences. Out in the Anthem world, squads will contain four members combining forces to complete quests. The campaign or personal stories kick in back at each player’s base of operations.

The Scars and Villainy mission was shown. Players had to track down the source of a new acid weapon which concludes in a boss battle involving a massive spider, crab creature. While they were conducting their investigation players were shown flying, searching the ground and gliding underwater.

Anthem will be available on the Xbox One, PC and PS4 on February 22nd, 2019.

EA confirmed two pieces of Star Wars news. Respawn is working on Jedi: The Fallen Order. Fallen Order will take place during Episodes 3 and 4, the time when the Jedi were being hunted down. The game will be released Holiday 2019.

Admitting they “clearly didn’t get it quite right” at launch, EA and DICE announced there will be a Clone Wars add-on to Star Wars: Battlefront 2 which will include General Grievous, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and the planet Geniosis, which will contain the largest level the team has ever created.

New reveals for the Battlefield V multiplayer introduced the ability to smash windows, move turrets and the new Battlefield Royale mode.

In FIFA 19 news, the upcoming installment will integrate the UEFA Champions League as well as the UEFA Europa League and UEFA Super Cup on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. FIFA 19 comes out September 28th.

Those who have yet to play FIFA 18 can do so now during a free trial offered by EA.

EA shocked the crowd in attendance by instantly revealing and launching Unravel Two. In the sequel (which can be played as a single player or local co-op drop-in/drop-out experience) has two Yarnys helping one another as they work through a challenging adventure.

PC players rejoiced as EA announced a new subscription tier coming this summer: Origin Access Premier. The new tier will allow full access to new EA releases on PC before anyone else, including the upcoming launches of Madden NFL 19, FIFA 19, Battlefield V and Anthem.

The Command & Conquer franchise is being revived with Rivals for mobile devices. In Rivals, players can choose to be either the Global Defense Initiative or the Brotherhood of Nod cultivating resources and managing troops in real time.

Android users can pre-register on Google Play by searching Command & Conquer: Rivals. U.S. and Canadian Android players who pre-register will also be eligible to join the Command & Conquer: Rivals pre-alpha.

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