The Dynasty Warriors franchise is one that includes many gaming titles and a long history. Now the latest entry into this series, named Dynasty Warriors 9, is given a release date by publisher Koei Tecmo.


It’s revealed through that Dynasty Warriors 9 is coming to western markets for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Feb. 13, 2018. The upcoming open-world addition to the longtime franchise will be upon us all soon.

Aside from this, a large pre-order bonus is also in the works for release. Sources state that players who order the title ahead of time will receive not one, not two… but seven usable costumes. One of these includes a Chinese opera-like traditional disguise for Zhao Yun.

The other six costumes are said to also be based on classical, Oriental dressing garments. All wears are each available for a different in-game character.


According to an article on the Koei Tecmo website, this game “will venture into new territory as the classic, time-tested “one versus thousands” action, iconic to the Warriors series, is expanded to its first truly open world installment.”

It is clear that the makers of the series are putting a little twist on the familiar formula used in the games. Koei Tecmo America is giving a first look into the game’s exclusive content, in addition to screenshots and character profiles.

Dynasty Warriors 9 is also adding a never-before-playable character, Xin Xianying, into the series’ roster.


The Dynasty Warriors franchise experienced a shift in notoriety in the past years. The games moved across several consoles, and are known for their historical significance, fast combat, large playing field and more.

The series has spread rapidly since its start in the late 1990s. There is even a new release for the iOS system that came out earlier this year.

However, the last main entry, Dynasty Warriors 8, was a few years ago, so it’s interesting to think about how the creators will follow up to the previous game as well as what new features will be added to the upcoming game.


Source: PC

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