Koei Tecmo today announced Dynasty Warriors 9 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The release date is unknown. If you’re not familiar with Dynasty Warriors, it is a third person hack and slash style game that takes place in China. You play as characters from three different Chinese kingdoms and fight in massive battles and kill waves of troops, as well as, bosses to take over the battlefield.

New Characters and Missions


We know that the game will allow you to play as two new characters: Zhou Cang of the Shu Kingdom and Ma Chong of the Wei Kingdom.  Dynasty Warriors 9 will be an open-world game which will allow players to either explore the map or take a more linear approach and stick to the main story.

You can take part in side battles such as scouting missions or destroying enemy supplies. Are you excited for the new Dynasty Warriors game? Let us know down below! Be sure to follow us on twitter at @COGdotnet for more news reviews and editorials!

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