Dying Light 2, the zombie survival RPG from Techland, has been delayed indefinitely. The ambitious sequel to their break out success Dying Light, set to be published by Square Enix, was originally slated for a spring 2020 release.

Announced on the series official twitter page, Techland CEO Pawet Marchewka said: “We were initially aiming for a spring 2020 release with Dying Light 2, but unfortunately we need more development time to fulfill our vision.”

He went on to apologize for the delay and assure fans of the quality standard the team wishes to deliver.

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You can read the full statement here:

Hey Survivors!
Here’s the Dying Light 2 Development Update. pic.twitter.com/CKMkAe2eD7

— Dying Light (@DyingLightGame) January 20, 2020

Techland has yet to reveal a revised release date for the title, though late 2020 is likely. The original released in 2015, published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the series itself is a spiritual successor to the developer’s original Dead Island series.

The game garnered attention for its open-world parkour system that allowed players to traverse its zombie-infested city on a new level of verticality.

The sequel similarly turned heads for its unique faction and player choice systems that would have far-reaching and visual effects on the world around you. Dying light 2 is set to put more of a focus on the human conflicts and factions of its zombie-infested apocalypse with a considerably different world design to its predecessor.

The team at Techland are also putting more effort into the story portion of the game with Fallout New Vegas and Planescape Torment writer Chris Avellone handling the story. The team also added writers who worked on CD Projekt Red’s: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

The delay comes after relative radio silence from Techland since its E3 gameplay demo released back in August. It also comes following a series of similar moves out of early 2020, with Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Cyberpunk 2077 both pushing out of Q2 and into the later year.

Fans are being urged to wait patiently for future updates on the game’s release.

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