Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Three Characters from Super

Three of the most requested characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ have finally been officially announced.

First, we have Beerus the Destroyer. For everyone’s favorite purple kitty of destruction, he possesses overwhelming strength. He makes use of a special technique called “Spheres of Destruction” that can allow him to set up spheres to prevent his opponent from moving around and explode on impact.

Beerus can also do use a transcendent headshot as his meteor attack. As you can imagine, Beerus will be a powerful force to compete with and with his move set, it could be more toying with your opponent than an actual fight.

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Next, we have the Hit and his ability to freeze time. While we don’t know the full extent of how Hit’s Time Skip ability will be in Dragon Ball FighterZ, it will allow Hit to strike the opponent’s vitals at Ultra High-Speed.

Hit also has a variety of technical skills and abilities that can allow for counter attacks. Chances are that Hit will likely be able to perform deadly combos that the enemy can’t protect themselves from. Hopefully, we’ll get more details soon on Hit’s play-style, but until then, he does bring his unique style of assassinations to the fight.

Finally, we have Goku Black (or Zamasu from another dimension using Goku’s body for his own evil means). Goku Black fights in his unique “Super Saiyan God Form” that he calls “Rosé.” While he does make use of Goku’s abilities, he does bring his own skills, such as turning his hand into a blade. He can also form a scythe with his energy for his Meteor attack. To makes things even more complicated, he also has an assist from another Zamasu with immortality.

Goku Black can blast an opponent with a Kamehameha while Zamasu can hold the opponent down. He’s immortal, so it isn’t like he’s going to die from the attack. Finally, Goku Black and Zamasu can combine their powers together to throw a powerful spirit ball attack.

Now you too can recreate Yamcha getting blown up by a Saibaman!

To go with the three Super characters, Arc System Works also confirmed a special feature they call “Dramatic Production.” If you have followed the production of Dragon Ball FighterZ, you know that every attack performed is a reference to both the anime and the manga.

Now you will be able to recreate moments from the shows and have special animations shown under certain conditions. Examples include: using a Saibaman (summoned by Nappa) to finish off Yamcha, blowing up Krillin with Frieza, or beating Goku as Beerus while in space.  It is difficult to say how far this will go, but hopefully, we’ll get to see tons of references.  For a full breakdown of the article, be sure to check the source below for a full translation.

So what do you think about the recent additions to Dragon Ball FighterZ? Are you excited at what the Super characters will bring to the game? And what kind of roster will we see as apart of the downloadable roster? Leave your comment down below, and be sure to follow Culture of Gaming.


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