Nintendo has officially released a trailer for their upcoming mobile game Dr Mario World. If you haven’t played any of the Doctor Mario games before, there is no need to stress. The games look and play like Tetris, but your goal is to create color patterns with capsules and viruses in order to remove the viruses.

The 3-minute trailer revealed several details about the upcoming game, including a release date, playable doctors, gameplay, and currency. It begins with a tutorial of gameplay, showing the drag-and-drop, direction, and rotation mechanics. Additionally, red shells are used to wipe out all the viruses in a row, and bombs can wipe out all the viruses surrounding them.


Nintendo also revealed that there will initially be five different worlds in Dr Mario World, with additional ones yet to come. Each world is set out similarly to other Mario games, as you need to complete levels in order to progress into the next world. However, Dr Mario World‘s layout looks almost identical to Candy Crush.

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Later, it was revealed that the doctor that you choose to play as will have a meter that can fill up. Once it fills up, you are then able to use a unique skill. Additionally, players will also be able to fill up a rainbow meter. Once that is filled up, you can use it to wipe out any colored virus. Dr Mario World will also include items such as the aforementioned capsules, a skill up, more stars, and a random item.

Similarly to the leaked information from Mario Kart Tourplayers will need to use hearts in order to play stages. Hearts can refill over time, or you can refill them by using diamonds. To no ones surprise, this means that Dr Mario World will have micro-transactions. Diamonds can be purchased from the store with real money, and they can be used to continue matches that you have lost in, obtain items, and restore stamina. Lastly, diamonds or coins can be used to purchase new doctors.

Dr Mario World will release on the 10th of June 2019 for Android and IOS.

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