Dr Mario World

After announcing that they would push back Mario Kart Tour earlier today, Nintendo revealed Dr. Mario World, a modern take on the Tetris-like puzzler Dr. Mario. Like Mario Kart, Dr. Mario World is releasing this summer. However, unlike Kart, Dr. Mario is being developed jointly with both developer NHN Entertainment and messaging app LINE (Both based in Japan).

In a statement, Nintendo stated their confidence in their newfound partners. “Utilizing both companies’ strengths, Nintendo and LINE will co-develop and jointly operate a new action puzzle game featuring Dr. Mario titled ‘Dr. Mario World’ to be released by Nintendo. Together with Nintendo and LINE, NHN Entertainment, which has released and operated various online and mobile games, will take part in the development and operation of ‘Dr. Mario World.’”

A little while after this statement, Nintendo of America’s Twitter posted a full-blown logo for Dr. Mario World, which you can see below:


A Mobile Shift

Nintendo’s new president, Shuntaro Furukawa, made it clear that Nintendo would be focusing more on mobile game development. So far, he’s made true to that promise. Since 2016, Nintendo released 5 mobile games, and Mario Kart Tour and Dr. Mario World will be the 6th and 7th. An untitled Zelda mobile game is also in the works, although we don’t know when that will release.

Nintendo isn’t the first triple-A video game company to partner with an outside developer for mobile game development. Last year, Blizzard announced that Chinese internet corporation NetEase is developing the next Diablo game, subtitled Immortal. In that case, however, the prospect of a mobile Diablo game disappointed and even angered Diablo fans. Thankfully, Dr. Mario World‘s reception has been much more amiable.

For more on Nintendo, mobile games, and Dr. Mario, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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