What’s new in MCPE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50?

Mojang Studios gradually starts to release the Caves & Cliffs Update’s features. Users can already try out a new light source — candles — and much more.


MCPE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50 has a lot to offer to the most enthusiastic builders out there as had Minecraft PE 1.16.101. It introduced dozens of new blocks like netherite and Blackstone.

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For instance, honeycomb combined with strings results in a candle. Moreover, you can even dye it and place it on a cake. Only one rushlight can be placed on a sweet pie.

However, you can place up to four candles in one block area. Therefore there are endless possibilities for combination in Minecraft PE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50.


Furthermore, developers also introduced a completely new ore — copper. This metal can be found almost as often as iron but has an orange texture.

It also has a different use in MCPE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50. Copper can be smelted into ingots that are generally manufactured to make a spyglass and a lightning rod.

The latter can protect your wooden roof from the ignition. On the other hand, the spyglass finds its use in the adventurer’s inventory. You can zoom in and out using it.

Amethyst Geodes

Minecraft PE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50 presents real crystals to the most affluent users on servers. These geodes can be found all across the Overworld.

A Calcite, a tuff, and an amethyst cluster are what a geode is made of. Obviously, you can utilize these blocks in your builds.

Nevertheless, the crystal shards are a more delicate thing. Minecraft 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50 users might apply those to craft themselves a spyglass or a tinted glass. It passes no light through it.


As a matter of fact, uncautious players will freeze out to death if they pay no attention to a new threat in the mounts.

Minecraft PE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50 added powder snow. It’s a non-solid block, and that’s why you fall through it quite easily. Wear leather boots to avoid it.

Moreover, the more a mob stays in powder snow, the more damage it takes. Dressing up in full leather will allow you to hide in it, taking zilch of corruption.

By the way, you can collect this block using a cauldron under an open sky when snowing. Don’t forget to craft a bucket to obtain it in Minecraft 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50.

Contrariwise, minecarts and railroads do not drop underwater. It means you can build rollercoasters in ocean depths.

Besides, users will even be able to pour lava into a pot. As you can see, the latest Minecraft PE update has a lot to offer.

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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.200, 1.17.100 and 1.17.50

Minecraft Bedrock Edition
Version 1.17.200, 1.17.100, 1.17.50
Operating system Android
Publisher Microsoft
Author Mojang Studios
License Free
Xbox Live +
File https://mcpedl.org/download/download-minecraft-pe-1-17/

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