MCPE 2022 is another very big and interesting update. It is included in the update called The Wild and introduced a lot of interesting innovations. Some innovations have appeared in the Minecraft Bedrock 1.18.0.

Developers from Mojang Studios have replenished the underwater world with frogs and tadpoles. And the nights in the game world have become even more mesmerizing because now they are decorated with fireflies. In Minecraft 2022, a new block has also appeared, which will find application.


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Another aquatic inhabitant in Minecraft 2022. But the frog cannot be considered a water mob completely because it can be on land. In addition, this amphibian received many other species, each of which is different.

But the following can be said about all of them: they are great lovers of jumping on water lilies and hard leaves. In Minecraft 2022, the types of frogs, there are such as tropical and frozen.


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Fireflies are a mob, the beauty of which can be enjoyed in Minecraft 2022 only at night or in the dark. They can be seen from afar because they resemble a luminous cloud.

Fireflies in Minecraft 2022 are only two pixels in size. This means that it is very small. It should be mentioned that frogs feed on these very insects.

Boat with chest

Among the important and useful innovations in Minecraft 2022 is a boat with a chest. Often Steve is faced with such a problem as transporting things by water. This device will greatly facilitate this process.

This thing is a kind of analog of a minecart with a chest. But a boat with a chest has one, but a very big advantage. In Minecraft 2022, the player has the opportunity to get into the boat, even if it is completely packed with things.

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