Lane Based Card Action

Valve is creating a new game, unfortunately it’s not Half-Life 3. Artifact is the title of Valve’s newest collectible card game.
The CCG will focus on the Dota 2 universe and will feature many of the heroes and staples of Dota. This year’s International Dota 2 Championships were the largest yet with a prize pool of over 24 million dollars. Valve used this platform to announce Artifact to the masses.

TI7 host Sean “Day 9” Plott gave a few details, but no gameplay was shown. According to “Day9” the game will feature a 3 lane system. Creeps and barrack building will also play a large role. Artifact is a 1v1 card game, but with a Dota twist. Valve also showed off a very brief teaser promising a 2018 release date. Check out the teaser below.

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