Video Game Market

“For many people, retro gaming conjures up memories of fun gaming nights with friends on a sofa,” says Andy Brown, coordinator of Doncaster, UK’s Video Game Market. “We love to bring that nostalgia back to people with classic games for passionate gamers and collectors.”

The Video Game Market, an annual gathering of vintage video game collectors all over the UK, is set to return this March in the Doncaster Dome. Like every year, there will be thousands and thousands of video game collectibles up for sale, from Gameboy Micros to arcade cabinets to plushies and all sorts of other merchandise.

The Video Game Market is a massive collaboration, of sorts. All sorts of video game-oriented companies will be there, showing off their wares and services. One of these is Deadpan Robot, which sells accessories for every kind of Game Boy you can imagine. And plenty of other traders, including Sore Thumb Gaming, Console Passion, and Retro Plushy Games will have booths set up to sell and trade as well.

If you’re in the Doncaster area, The Video Game Market will be at the Doncaster Dome on Sunday, March 3rd. Ticket pricing starts at 2 pounds, there are early 4-pound entry tickets to get in an hour early at 11:00, instead. Entry for anyone 16 and under is entirely free.

For more details on The Video Game Market, visit the site here. And for more on video games, retro or modern, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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