Few series match up to the wonder that is Doctor Who, and with the latest comic ‘Road to the Thirteenth’ we take a look at the final adventures of the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi.

We immediately start off with a mysterious setting, an unknown person who is narrated in such a strange way. He is introduced as a normal character but ultimately it shows that there is definitely something wrong with him as he is controlled by what appears to be a ghostly figure. Of course this is found by the Doctor before he is sent a note to his psychic paper by Kate Stewarts, UNIT’s leader, and he finds himself in trouble as there are monsters shifting through different planes of existence.

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Firstly, the story is quite simple but well driven. There is no backfill that is needed to catch readers up to speed with what is happening. Immediately we know that UNIT is a taskforce, of sorts, to stop threatening alien lifeforms, we know that they rely on the Doctor, we know that Bill is someone that has a major impact on the Doctor. This is simply done by the interactions done, an example being Bill’s annoyance at some of the Doctor’s antics. At the end of the comic when the Doctor begs Bill to make the last Kar-yn see what he was doing wrong, you could tell that he believed in Bill to do so. This sort of character play is great in terms of showing their relations, and I must admit it was done really well.

In terms of drawing, the art is mostly good, however Bill is a different story. Characters are simple but designed enough to differentiate, and each follow their tv series counterparts well enough to make it believable. The Doctor is most definitely the Doctor with his gestures, body position, and just overall feel. Kate Stewart and the other characters are quite minor so either way it wouldn’t have posed a problem. But, and it’s a big but here, Bill does not have many emotions. An example is when being attack by the Kar-yn, she has no facial expression whatsoever. No panic, no fear, hell I might as well say she was happy. Compared to the other characters she is just outclassed in her design. This truly irked me.

Another complaint I wanted to make was that there was no mention of the 13th Doctor. I wanted a sneak peek or a reference to the potential future of the Doctor Who franchise. It’s in the name of the comic, but there is no mention. Something tiny, a small easter egg maybe was needed to hone in this point. That this was the last of Peter Capaldi, a new age of sort. Instead we have a small preview of Missy, The Doctor, and Nigel in an elevator to which I assume was the season finale of the tv series. This could have been a preview of the 13th Doctor!

Overall it was a good time killer with good plot and most decent art. Most portrayals were good, but seriously, Bill’s art was just so unnerving to the eyes. As I mentioned before, I really prayed for a mention of some sort to the 13th Doctor, and when I got none I was immensely disappointed.

Art style
Simple story
Bill’s art style
Has nothing to do with the Thirteenth

Review Summary

Overall a decent comic. It’s a nice read whenever you need to kill some time as it has a good story, art style, and great characters. However, it’s major weakness lies in the fact that it has no relations to the 13th Doctor what so ever, not even a little build up. Despite this glaring weakness and some other problems here and there, I still recommend reading it if you love Doctor Who.

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