Disney+ Will Spell Doom For Netflix

In a world where everything consists of streaming and subscription services, it seemed inevitable that Disney would enter the game at some point. Sure enough, the House of Mouse officially unveiled the contents of their newest streaming service, Disney+, during their Investor Day Webcast. With all the content and accessibility Disney’s newest venture will contain, it stands to reason that rival streaming services have their work cut out for them. Of course, the first that will come to many’s minds will be Netflix. Up until now, Netflix held the crown as the best streaming service to have. However, with all that Disney+ promises, we may see Netflix fall from grace very soon. Why exactly is that though? What exactly does Disney have planned that could bring Netflix to its knees?

 Content Galore

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Let’s start with the biggest factor: Disney has content, a lot of content. Not only do they have their own original movies, but they also control major properties like Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars. On top of that, Disney just finished purchasing a majority of Fox Studios, meaning there’s even more content under the company’s belt. Needles to say that Disney has plenty to add to its newest service. On the other hand, Netflix has quite a bit of content itself, along with its own Netflix Originals, which consists of shows and movies created exclusively for the platform. Sadly, Disney has the upper hand on this as well. Along with all of its already-existing content, the company plans to create its own exclusive content for Disney+, such as live-action Marvel and Star Wars shows.

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It should also be said that Netflix will loose a substantial amount of its current line up once Disney+ launches. With Disney creating their own streaming platform, there’s no reason to keep any of their properties on a rival service. This means Netflix will loose some of its heavy hitters, such as its collection of Marvel and Disney Animated movies. After that, there will likely not be be much left that will entice current customers to stick with the service. Can you really blame us? Disney+ just has so much more.

Disney+ Everywhere

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We all know that Netflix can be accessed through plenty of devices and platforms, which aids in its accessibility. Disney+, however, plans on raising the bar. Based on an image shown during the original webcast, Disney plans on featuring their service on basically every device possible. It even plans on coming to the Nintendo Switch, a console in which Netflix hasn’t even entered. With all of this said, both services will likely fair equally in accessibility, but Disney+ will surely win when audiences are forced to choose. Think about it, if you could watch both platforms just as easily, wouldn’t you choose the one with more to offer? While accessibility might not feel like such a big component alone in the battle between these two juggernauts, combine it with the previously mentioned content, and Disney+will always come on top.

The Disney Price Is Always Right

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Perhaps the final and biggest nail in the Netflix coffin regards Disney+’spricing. Disney announced that their service will have a monthly pricing of $6.99/month, which already trumps Netflix‘s most basic plan by $2. If that’s not all, they also plan on offering an annual option of $69.99, something that Netflix doesn’t even offer. This really puts things into perspective. Why subscribe to a service that charges you more for potentially less when you could pay less for access to a giant library of amazing movies and TV shows. It just makes sense.

In the end, we can only speculate on what will occur between Netflix and Disney+. Who knows, Netflix could throw some kind of curve ball that’ll make us fall in love with the service all over again. From what we have to work on, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Disney+’s enormous content, large accessibility, and great pricing give it all the odds for success, leaving Netflix in the dust.

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