Following the events of Dishonored 2Dishonored: The Peeress and The Price takes readers on a daring mission with the royal family of Dunwall, Emily Kaldwin and her father

Corvo. A new threat is rising to take over their thrown and they will stop at nothing to end it. Staying true to the Dishonored universe is exactly what this comic does. It captures Dunwall in a dark and different art style that many fans of the franchise will enjoy.

A True Dishonored Story

From what we’ve learned from the first two games of Dishonored, it’s that you should not threaten the royal family or even think about taking their crown. In this volume made up of two issues, Corvo and Emily worked together to keep exactly that from happening. As they juggle between brutal mass killings and peaceful protests, their relationship becomes more solidified. Corvo leads Emily in the right direction of becoming a strong willed leader of a broken, but healing nation. The building of this relationship is something we have not been able to witness in the games which is a breath of fresh air.

Dishonored would be nothing without the abilities granted by the Outisder himself. Although the black eyed character does not show up in this story, his gifts do. Emily and Corvo both use their abilities such as Far Reach and Dark Vision. These abilities are used sparingly as most of the time they use hand-to-hand combat which also does not disappoint narratively and visually from the readers’ perspective. This kind of combat comes into play later on when Emily must face the villain without her abilities.

However, one attribute of the story that does disappoint is how fast the enemy was dealt with. Unlike previous Dishonored story lines where the main villain was not dispatched of so easily because usually Information was needed to get close to them as well as the disposal of their close allies. In this volume, the enemy was taken out so quickly that it almost felt rushed, but is still a dark and fun story nonetheless.

Dark Art

What really pops from this comic is actually what doesn’t pop from the page. Very few bright colors are used and when they are the color of blood or the flicker of an ability is captured authentically. Just like this universe, this comic’s art style is very dark and depressing. Dunwall is always portrayed in a depressing emotionless style which is true to this franchise. Some of the best illustrations are the use of Corvo and Emily’s abilities. Dark Vision is portrayed exactly like it is in the games; the enemies show up highlighted in a bright yellow behind doors and walls. It took me a few seconds to realize why they were colored that way, but once I read the dialogue I was able to make out what was happening within the art.


Dishonored: The Peeress and The Price is an amazing story within the Dishonored universe. Corvo and Emily’s relationship is explored and built upon an area in which the games have been unsuccessful at doing. This relationship development is truly what makes this comic a great read. In addition, the art is exactly what you would expect from Dishonored and that only makes this comic a spectacular addition to the franchise.

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Dishonored Art Style
Use of Outsider Abilities
Corvo and Emily’s Relationship Development
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Review Summary

Dishonored: The Peeress and The Price is a fantastic story of Corvo and Emily working together to stop a threat to their power.

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