Discord Opens Up Their Game Store

If you are someone who uses Discord regularly, you may have noticed that there is a new feature.

Now in case if this very informative video didn’t help explain, here is the breakdown. Towards the start of this week, Discord launched the Discord Store. Through the store, you can see the fine selection of games and worthwhile titles you will want to get your hands on. You’ll get to see the trailer, system requirements and much more. In a situation you are unhappy with a purchase, you have 14 days to request a refund and must have less than two hours of total play time.
What makes this even more special is that Discord will also have a universal library which will scan your computer for all the games you own. This way, you can use Discord to launch any game you own, even if it requires another launch. By making use of the service, you will have quicker access to titles you enjoy playing and have a better time showing your friends the games you enjoy playing.  The service also does not have a “Gift a game” feature yet, but it could be a feature coming soon to the store. If you have any suggestions on how to improve Discord, drop by their feedback to provide your thoughts on what the store could use.

Games Coming First To Discord

To go with their store, there will be “First on Discord” games that will first launch on the store before anywhere else. As Discord described it in a previous post:
“Supporting indie games pushes the boundary of creative game design and is important to innovation and the long-term health of the industry. Of course, we think the games are really cool too!”
These titles include Last Year: The Nightmare, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption, King of the Hat, At Sundown, Mad Machines, Bad North, and Minion Masters. These seven games offer a wide variety of games, including an asymmetrical horror survival game, a brutal sports game with robotic gladiators, a competitive real-time card game and death match with hats.
This initial wave of games coming later this fall. Be sure to be on the lookout for more games coming first to Discord soon.

Discord Nitro


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There are special changes and inclusions coming up with Discord’s Nitro program. Discord Nitro will have a growing library of critically acclaimed games you can enjoy for the cost of $9.99 a month. This collection will be constantly growing and even if certain games leave the Nitro selection, the game saves will remain intact.
If you want to help support Discord but don’t want the games, they will also have Nitro Classic that’s $4.99 a month. By grabbing this, you can enjoy various chat perks such as animated avatars, the tag you use (#0000), a larger upload limit (50 MBs instead of 8 MBs) and much more.
If you have already been subscribing to Nitro previously, Discord will give early supporters access to the game library at no extra cost for a limited time. You also get to have an exclusive profile badge to show your support.


The Discord Store is in beta, but you can use their services right now. For the full breakdown of the Discord store, be sure to go check out their blog post that has the full breakdown.
Are you excited for Discord having their own store? Will you be using their services and getting Discord Nitro? Leave your thoughts down below and be sure to follow us here at Culture of Gaming for more articles in the world of gaming.

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