With the Somewhat limited options for voice/text chat on the Nintendo Switch, many would love a viable option to appear on the system. One that comes to mind to most is Discord, the popular texting and voice app used by the majority of the gaming community. Well, it seems like the makers of the service would love to bring it to the Switch if the opportunity arises.

After posting a celebratory Mother’s Day Animal Crossing photo on Twitter, a fan asked when we’ll be seeing the app on the Switch.

Discord on the Switch? Not very likely!

Discord accordingly responded with the following: “We would love to bring Discord to the switcht! But we’d need Nintendo’s blessing for that to happen first. Vote up the idea here and maybe it could be a thing someday”.

So, based on all of this, it does seem that Discord is up to the task of bringing their chat service to the Switch if Nintendo gives them the green light. The odds of this happening? Not likely, as adding Discord would present competition to Nintendo’s own chat system. As of now, the Nintendo Switch Online App is the only official service provided for online chatting. Providing other options would enhance the Switch’s online gaming experience, but Nintendo is probably be content with having their less-than-stellar app as the only option.

Would you want to see Discord on the Switch? Let us know in the comments below! For more news, check out our articles on Nintendo Announces Plans for E3 2019 and Everything You Need To Know About Sony’s Second State Of PlayOtherwise, keep it on Culture of Gaming for all things gaming!

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