Did Goku Goof Up? Dragon Ball Super Manga Ch. 65 Spoilers & Analysis

Goku vs Moro Coming to a Close! Goku? What are you Doing?

Welp! If you’ve been following on social media regarding Goku vs Moro in Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 65 then you know that Goku may have goofed up again! Let’s get into the chapter!

Krillin arrives in time with Senzu Beans in hand as the battle with Goku vs Moro was coming to a close as the much deserved comeuppance from all the damage he has caused since the beginning of the arc and beyond. At this point Goku is just toying with Moro in his UI Omen form. Appearing in front of Krillin Goku grabs the senzu beans from him and reappears in front of Moro. Goku in almost naive child like fashion tells Moro that he will heal his opponent if he promises to return to the galactic prison and to never break out again. Moro agrees happily and if you had trauma from the Cell Games then you know what happens next.

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Thats Right Goku Gave a Senzu Bean to Moro!

Did you scream expletives? Yeah the entire internet did as well collectively. Moro is healed and all the battle damage he took disappears! Now Goku expecting Moro to fulfill his end of the deal but of course Moro lied! The battle mage attempts to attack Goku with a piercing spear hand only for Goku to tighten his chest and boom! Broken hand from Moro! While writhing in pain Goku depowers and brought up the idea if he’s ever trained. Maybe Moro would be able to become strong without having to absorb planets. Moro responds in disdain as training is beneath him so Jaco immediately reminds Goku that Moro went back on his word and to finish the task at hand.


Moro Employs War Intel Tactics

Goku tries ONE MORE TIME to appeal to Moro to submit. But Moro notices his own hand that was slashed off by Merus earlier! Moro decides to stall time asking about Merus and more information on the form Goku is currently in. A moment is all that Moro needs to retrieve his severed hand and absorb it back into him with a dangerous upgrade in Merus’ abilities! Beerus clearly pissed at Goku’s lack of finishing the task, everyone surrounded fears the dread of a powered up Moro but Goku remains firm and the battle continues!



Fearing damaging the Earth Goku attempts to take Moro into a more desolate place. Moro has none of that and proceeds to attack Goku. Moro at this point is feeling confident with his now obtained angel powers plus his magic. But there’s a issue. Moro obtaining power without training, his body is starting to show its limits. Goku is easily able to maneuver & strike Moro’s growing body unable to contain angel power. Whis is a firm warning tells Goku to finish this quickly.


Goku follows orders but Moro has already infused himself into the Earth! Whis explains that Moro fusing with is a big problem! Any attempt in killing Moro will destroy the earth itself! Also still unable to withstand angel power, now Earth is a ticking timebomb! And the chapter ends.

Final Thoughts on Chapter 65 & Hopes to Chapter 66

Oh Goku Goku Goku….Your almost child like good heart but naiveness led you to this point. Even with the senzu bean Goku manages to beat Moro in quick fashion until he obtains Merus angel powers. But it was nice to see that there’s no quick ways to be strong as Moro struggles to learn and accept that.

But we’ll see what happens in chapter 66…I’m thinking two things: Vegeta jumps into the battle with his Spirit Fission and starts pounding away at the Moro + Buu/Grand Supreme Kai seals Moro once again when Moro is at a weakened state. Or Goku beats Moro as Earth is destroyed and Whis rewinds time once again to the point where Moro does not obtain Merus’s angel powers & kills Moro once again. Chapter 66 will arrive on November 20th.

What do you think of the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super? What is your outcome for the finale of Goku vs Moro? Will Goku redeem his mistake? Moro now being one with the earth spells doom to everyone on the planet? Does Whis need to intervene even if means the possibility of vanishing like Merus? Let us know in the comments below! Check out my previous article on chapter 64 of Dragon Ball Super Manga Spoilers & Analysis! Also check back with Culture of Gaming for more of your gaming culture news!

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