If you are an Xbox One owner and a big fan of the Diablo series, then I have some great news for you. Whether you only own the base game or have the Reaper of Souls expansion, this is some news to benefit you all, unless you already paid for the Neromancer DLC, that is.

But, if you fall into one of the previously mentioned catagories, then you will be happy to know that starting today Xbox Live members will be able to play Diablo 3, including all its content, for free on Xbox One starting today.

As part of Xbox Live’s Free Play Days, this promotion will continue on up until Tuesday, August 1st at 12:00 AM PST or 3 AM EST. And you’ll be happy to know that if you decide to buy the game’s Eternal Collection edition, which can be purchased at 35% off, while this promotion is ongoing, all your content, including achievements, will carry over to your game.

So, for someone like me who already owns Diablo 3 with its Reaper of Souls DLC but is on the “fence” of whether or not purchasing the Necromancer class is worth it, you can try out the new class to help in deciding if this is something you would like to purchase.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership and are curious about any aspect of this great game, then you have nothing to lose, except hard drive space!

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