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Diablo 3 Launches Diablo 1 Retro Event

Diablo 3 Launches Diablo 1 Retro Event

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To celebrate the release of the original Diablo, Blizzard is once again reinstituting the Darkening of Tristram event.


For those unaware, the Darkening of Tristram is a special event held in Diablo 3. The event was first held last year to commemorate the release of the original Diablo. The event unlocks a special retro-style dungeons which will allow players to unlock unique items such as portraits and pets.

The event has been teased throughout the week as players could find special cultists while in adventure mode. Once the event went fully live on January 3rd, slaying these special cultists could open up a portal to the retro dungeon.

This 16 level retro dungeon features similar gameplay to Diablo 3, yet changes a few game mechanics, visuals, and sound design. The games visual and sound design changes to be reminiscent of the original Diablo upon entering the dungeon. Player movement is changed while in the dungeon. Players are only able to move in eight directions which resembles how the original game was set up. Finally, upon entering the dungeon, the UI of the game changes to match the original Diablo.

Players are fully able to use their existing characters to play in this event. New characters are also able to partake in the event. In fact, it is recommended by Blizzard to do so in order to fully experience the new dungeon.

All characters are able to unlock new achievement only available during the Darkening of Tristram event.

This throwback event ends January 30th. Make sure you find time to play the event and get all the unique items available.

If by chance you miss the event or are not able to obtain every item, not to worry. The event will most likely make a third appearance next year around the same time.

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