The original Devil May Cry finally has a release date for the eShop on the Nintendo Switch. Capcom had announced that the hack and slash title Devil May Cry will be coming to the  Nintendo Switch back in May. This came from a tweet from the official @DevilMayCry twitter, stating that it will release this summer.

But since then, Capcom and Nintendo have remained quiet about a release date for it, up until now. Listings from the Nintendo eShop has revealed that Devil May Cry will release on separate days from the Japanese, and Western releases. The Western eShop will have Devil May Cry release on the 25th of June, and the Japanese eShop on the 27th. The eShop also revealed the pricing for the port: it will cost ¥1,900 JPY, $20 USD, or $29.95 AUD (via Nintendo Everything).


Devil May Cry had originally released on the Playstation 2 back in 2001, and since then has had two remasters. Both of these had re-released in the Devil May Cry HD Collection‘s, for the previous and current generations of consoles. But, some fans are confused towards why Capcom aren’t going to re-release the HD Collection for the Nintendo Switch. But, instead release a remaster for the original DMC on it’s own, for a similar price. For those who haven’t played any Devil May Cry games before, the official website describes it as “a series of stylish action games that has sold over 16 million copies worldwide. The series follows Dante, a Devil Hunter who is half-demon himself, as he hunts down and eliminates demons with style.”

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