Death Stranding Sequel Possibly Teased

Ever since the release of the Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, many have wondered what the games industry legend will work on next. Well, a recent tweet by the developer may indicate some sort of Death Stranding sequel is coming.

Kojima has recently discussed that he has been collaborating with Kojima Productions Art Director Yoji Shinkawa on possible future projects, and has now posted an image of some concept art that has come to fruition. Of course, fans quickly noticed that one of the pieces contains a ship with the logo ‘BRIDGES’ plastered on the side. For those unaware, BRIDGES refers to the company that main character Sam works for within Death Stranding.

Is it Actually a Death Stranding Sequel?

While this logo could clearly indicate some sort of return to the world of Death Stranding, it may not necessarily lead to a direct sequel. Kojima has previously mentioned in an interview with Vulture that while he would be willing to return to the Death Stranding Universe, any continuation of the series would ‘start from zero.’ This likely means that any new games with this moniker would contain their own plot and characters.

Whether or not a sequel is in development, Kojima has stated that he recently scrapped a big project and has moved on to planning his next game. Despite working from home, Kojima has tweeted that both Shinkawa and himself have continued working on Kojima Productions’ next title.

As always, take Kojima’s words and choice of images with a grain of salt, knowing exactly what goes on in his head is almost impossible.

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