Dead Cells

As teased in a Redbull Gaming video, last year’s highly-praised rogue-lite Dead Cells is getting a free DLC patch. Called Rise of the Giants, the expansion will have more features then we can list here, but we’ll highlight a few of the best changes:

  • A new area, the Cavern Level, will unlock after you defeat the final boss. The patch notes say the Cavern “is filled with nasty traps, perilous lava pools and violent new enemies.”
  • Custom Mode will be unlockable after only a few runs. This mode lets players tweak Dead Cells’s mechanics to their likening, making it easier or harder depending on the changes.
  • The new “Skinning System” will give you more than 50 outfits to dress your character up with.
  • There will be a new boss right after the cavern.
  • 10 new enemy types will arrive.
  • A new hard-to-find area will be in boss-cells door 5. Only the most competent players should try this one.
  • Buying hunter’s grenades will be much easier now, thanks to a Specialist Shop in the opening area.

But of course, the most important new feature is an illustrious weapon called the “Boï Axe”, which may or may not be a reference to God of War. Motion Twin likes Easter eggs that reference other video games; you’ll notice many Castlevania paintings, Dark Souls bon-fires, and Breath of the Wild Guardians in the background of Dead Cells.

Release Date

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant will release for free on PC, March 28th, with no console release date for right now. For a complete list of features, you can read the patch notes on Motion Twin’s website.

For more on Dead Cells, Motion Twin, and everything else video games, stay tuned to Culture of Gaming.

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