Back when I was a child, I remember going to my local EB Games and picking up a copy of de Blob for the Nintendo Wii. Upon bringing it home, I was hooked on its game-play from the very beginning, with its quirky soundtrack and addictive elements, this was easily a game of the year for me.

Now 9 years later, things aren’t looking so good for the updated version of de Blob for the next generation of consoles.

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A Re-imagined Classic?

Following the narrative of its predecessor You play as a creature called (you guessed it) blob, who is tasked with bringing all the colour back to the city of Chroma that is being invaded by the INKT corporation. This company is turning the entire city and its people black and white because for some reason, they hate colour. Your job is to re-colour all the buildings and people throughout Chroma city their specific colours in order to progress from one area of the city to another.

Blob is part of an underground resistance that is fighting against the INKT corporation in any way possible. From repainting parts of the city, to generally being an all”-“round pain in the neck to the police.

Bread and Butter

De Blob introduces a timer to players by “forcing them” to complete the area that the game wants you to complete within a designated time. For me, this took away from the fun and childish gameplay mechanics that de Blob has going for it, as quite often you must rush through areas without properly painting all of its inhabitants or buildings. This mechanic is borrowed from the original 2008 title and I would have liked to see it built upon a little more than what it has been

De Blob’s gameplay is enjoyable for a time but can soon turn boring for us older players. Quite often you will be forced to repeat the same painting mechanics as what you experienced when you first started your quest. Each area of the world presents its own unique challenges that require the player to colour buildings and structures different colours and you will have to use your imagination to reach some higher up structures in the world.

To collect the different colours of paint that are required, there are little paint bots that are walking around throughout the world. If you require a certain colour i.e purple then you will have to mix red and blue colours together to get  your desired colour. There are only 4 primary colours in de Blob, these are Green, Red, Blue, and Yellow, If you require a colour in between you will have to mix these colours together until you find your desired colour. There is a handy compass that you can use that guides you to close paint bots as well as any objectives that you need to complete to progress through the world.


The audio in de Blob is some of the best chirpy tunes I have heard in modern games to this date. Every time you paint a building, a different tune is played making the player want more. This is a good way to encourage players to paint more of their surroundings and is kind of addicting once you get into the beat. The standalone soundtrack is rather decent without the added chirpy tones. However, painting buildings and different structures brings out higher toned beats that are a welcome addition to the soundtrack.

Moving away from the soundtrack, the city sounds alive with cars tooting and little blobs trying to attract your attention. Chroma city really does sound alive and the more you paint the better it sounds!

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A sight to behold

Overall, de Blob is a pleasant game to play and is easy on the eyes. It has a unique art style that is fun to look at and is enjoyable to watch. Chroma city is alive with movement and unique environments for the player to explore. Each building that you paint takes on different shades of the assigned colour. This is a nice little touch on Acivision’s part and is an improvement on the previous de Blob from last gen. However, not everything is sunshine and rainbows. A lot of the different areas of the city tend to blend together and are quite often hard to distinguish between. This is an issue that makes players forget what they have played and leads to a forgetful title, which is unfortunate in de Blobs case.

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Final Verdict

Overall, de Blob is a solid title aimed more towards a younger audience. Having played this 9 years ago I have a very different outlook on what the game offers now. It does have some solid elements such as soundtrack and being enjoyable for a time, but, unfortunately, de Blob falls short of my expectations. With a boring story, forgetful characters, and careless level design, This is a title that you can wait to play.

Chirpy Soundtrack
Fun Art Style
Vibrant World
Gets Boring quickly
Lackluster Story
Forgettable Characters
Lazy Level Design

Review Summary

With a boring story, lazy level design and forgettable characters, de Blob for the Xbox One, isn’t worth your time.

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