The approach to the second season of DragonBall FighterZ has been rather bizarre. Usually, for most publishers, they would announce characters in the order they would come out, and yet for DBFZ after we found out about Videl and Jiren, we would get the Dragon Ball Super: Broly versions of Gogeta (SSGSS) and Broly as five and six. This left the middle two characters unknown until fairly recently when we got word that we are getting yet another in the form of Kid Goku from Dragon Ball Grand Tour (DBGT). It seems ironic to consider we now have five versions of Goku with two fusions (SSJ, SSGSS, Regular, Black, Kid, Potara fusion, and regular fusion) but what’s interesting here though is DBGT‘s sudden inclusion.


DragonBall FighterZ‘s first GT character, and of course it’s Goku.

Chance are that if you are someone who follows the Dragon Ball series, you likely know of the hatred DBGT normally gets. Really, we could make a grand list of reasons GT failed as a series such as the “Black Star Dragon Balls” being a pointless plot device, the fights being less than memorable, and every character who isn’t Goku feels useless. To top it off: series creator Akira Toriyama never made a manga covering GT. This would mean the anime was an original plot and one in which many fans would argue was like a giant “what if” that did not capture the magic of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

So if the Grand Tour was a Grand Mess why are we getting Kid Goku from GT as a DLC character? It is with this in mind, I will admit has me very curious.

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Could the 4th DLC also come from Dragon Ball Grand Tour?

So let’s take this into consideration for a moment that for the second season, there’s a pattern. Much like how the last two is from the Super Broly movie, the 3rd and 4th characters could cover DBGT. While I wouldn’t mind being wrong on this assessment, let’s humor ourselves on this and consider who the next character could be. One could consider the possibility of getting “SSJ4” versions of Goku, Vegeta or even Gogeta, but part of me has my doubts of those happening. We already got Gogeta coming, so why have SSJ4 Gogeta? We also don’t need any more Gokus or Vegetas than we already have too, so I’m sure we can rule them out too.

As for any other protagonist characters out of GT, we could consider perhaps two other characters. The first would be Majuub, who would be Uub after fusing with Majin Buu. It is a rather interesting ability, but it sadly didn’t amount to much because again, if you weren’t Goku, you were sadly made useless. And then we have Goku’s granddaughter, Pan. Someone in which… well, I think it’s fair to say we might not see this happen either. Besides being called the worst character in GT, she didn’t really do much on her own to make her a standout character. If either of the two happens, I will be quite shocked, but I’m sure this will not be the case.

Why did the writers throw Pan under the bus? Oh right… If you’re not Goku, you’re useless…

So that leaves us with just the antagonists; something to which would be highly possible to see happen. So which of the antagonists would be the best choice for Dragonball FighterZ? Let’s explore our options.

Super Baby Vegeta 2

I can’t help but laugh to think before Zamasu took over Goku’s body to become “Goku Black,” we had two other body snatchers. The first was Captain Ginyu to which his Body Change serves as his Level 3, and the second was in the form of a parasite.

Created by Dr. Myuu, Baby was a “last resort” to see the annihilation of the Saiyan race. Now, perhaps this would seem rather redundant if Frieza obliterated the Sayians several decades ago, but I digress. During the planet hopping, the group find Baby and fight it off, causing it to flee to Earth to take out the Sayians there. By the time the plot brings Goku and the others back, Baby has not only taken over but took over Vegeta’s body to become even stronger. There was also a “Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta” too, but let’s ignore that and focus on the 2nd to the last form.

Image result for dragon ball gt baby vegeta 2 screenshot

Couldn’t you tell this is Vegeta possessed by a parasite?

In-game, it would be doubtful to think about Baby taking over the bodies of other fighters, but with Vegeta, you might enable a harder-hitting Vegeta-like play style. It would be how Goku Black isn’t like the other forms of Goku; there may be outside of one or two moves, everything else is purely Baby. He was the first true threat in DBGT and one in which gave us SSJ4 and the “fun” that came with it.  Likely overshadowed by the other GT antagonists that came after him, I wouldn’t immediately write off his chances of getting into FighterZ.

17+17=Super Android 17

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A character so bad, the writers had the original 17 winning the Tournament of Power singlehandedly… /sarcasm

If there were any characters that got the short end of the stick after their initial appearance, it was poor 17. Besides going AWOL during the Buu Saga (besides holding two men at gunpoint), he wasn’t really there like 18. From there, it wouldn’t be until later on in GT when a rift to Hell opened up and had all the previously killed off antagonists flood out into the world. During this time, Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu worked together to make a brand new Android 17 with the sole purpose of fusing with the original 17 to become a powerful new monster. A monster that fans absolutely hated for taking what made his character interesting and throwing it into the trash bin. Almost made it seem like 17’s involvement during The Tournament Of Power was almost like a way to apologize for Super 17.

For the sake of an argument though, let’s say we were to get a second 17 to play as. What could we expect? Well for starters, Super 17’s barrier would be like 17’s except for the fact of how it can not only withstand attacks but absorb ki-based attacks too. You could then leave in the weakness of how he would be open to an attack. Other than that, it could be a way to add in a (supposedly) buffer 17 into the game and have a wide assortment of attacks that could probably put him like a Vegeta support for the variety of long-range attacks at his disposal. I have my doubts about Super 17’s chances, but it isn’t like we don’t have multiples of characters in the roster already.

Omega Shenron

So what happens when you apparently overuse the Dragon Balls? A giant Blue Shenron comes out, mocks you and unleashes seven Shadow Dragons that two kids must defeat.  While you can question why only Pan and Goku (but mostly Goku) are the only ones trying to defeat these dragons, I can’t help but ask why it feels like four of them were utterly pointless. Out of the seven dragons, Syn was at least the only one that had a proper plan of destruction by absorbing the other Dragon Balls and becoming Omega. A character so overpowered, it took the combination of everyone in the universe giving power to Goku to annihilate him with a Universal Spirit Bomb.

The biggest draw to Omega Shenron was how he could use the powers of all seven Shadow Dragons at one time. In other games, the abilities he usually had was Dragon Thunder and Whirlwind Spin, but I like to think it could be possible to add in other moves from the other dragons we rarely get to see too. He could be a fun rush down character and provide another big guy to the roster.

Probably as close to a reasonable GT antagonist that we can hope for.

Out of all antagonists, I would argue that Omega Shenron stands the best chance if we were to throw in one more GT character. Besides being the big bad at the end of GT, he had the unique abilities to his name continues to appear in various Dragon Ball games for the threat he provided. That and if Kid Goku’s level 3 is a Spirit Bomb, it wouldn’t shock me if we were to see a Dramatic finish with him and Omega.

Who will take the 4th slot in Dragonball FighterZ?

So how likely will it be that Dragon Ball GT will see more representation? For as much as everyone hates what GT, we still have to recognize that it still technically happened despite how Super came along to retcon it (or put it into a separate timeline). Repeatedly though, we would still see these GT characters pop up in Dragon Ball games (or at least Omega more than the other two) and while they weren’t really all that inspired, it was a sign to show that they weren’t completely abandoned.

Up to now, we could argue that Dragon Ball FighterZ didn’t want to pay any attention to GT either; going as far as focusing on movies beforehand with Cooler and Broly. Still, with Kid Goku in, we can’t rule out GT’s involvement in FighterZ any more. Will we see more GT characters for DBFZ? It is possible, but for all we know, Kid Goku will be as far as we’ll go for now. There are still plenty of characters we could take into account from not only DBZ, but also from Super and even the movies. Some players are still waiting to see if Janemba will make it, or if even someone like Roshi.

Universe 7 is incomplete without him after all.

Who knows when we will see the 4th character reveal will come, but it is entirely possible we will find out sometime between April-June. Until we see who it is, we will watch closely and see just how much of an impact they will make when they hit the roster.

Until then: Who do you think the 4th character will be? Will that character come from Dragon Ball GT? Be sure to follow at Culture of Gaming for editorials on your favorite fighting games and much more.

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