The huge hit Dauntless has experienced by many is said to be caused by queue times, in-game purchasing, and bug issues. Dauntless is a free to play third person RPG, that revolves around people teaming up together to take down giant creatures. Does this remind you of anything? Well, this is because it resembles lots of similarities to Monster Hunter World. The game is available on Ps4, Xbox One, and PC and so far over 4 million players are hunting monsters in it. Dauntless also has cross-play between the platforms, as well as cross-progression for players who have the same account on multiple platforms.

Since Dauntless continues to grow in players and content, there is bound to be several patches. Dauntless went through maintenance many times since its console release and here’s why. On the day of its release, many issues and bugs where resolved, including store bugs, missing names, weapon charge bugs, behemoth glitches, etc. Later on the 22nd, the in-game store on Xbox One had slow-load times and incomplete purchases, which was resolved later that day. On the same day, the newsletter subscription reward wasn’t granting players the weapon skin, which was resolved later on.

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These aren’t the only issues that Dauntless is facing. On the 22nd, players from North America were unable to matchmake, due to an outage. This was fixed, but then a day later, European players faced slow loading times, which included entering the tutorial, and the character creator. This resulted in Phoenix Labs (the developers) adding a login queue so the game can have a faster pace. The login queue has since had it’s capacity increased multiple times, and Dauntless has had many improvements. Some players have since complained that they have had to wait for over 3 hours in a queue. Phoenix Labs is aware of this, and are working on resolving these problems.

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