Age of Fire

Another entry in this beautiful and stunning Dark Souls comic book series. In my previous review, I mentioned how the art style is one of the best aspects of about this series. Each panel looks like an oil/acrylic painting that leaps out of the page. You can take almost any page and commision a decorative piece for your place, it’s that good. Anton Kokarev does amazing work and helps bring the world of Dark Souls to life through with amazing colors and realism.

Good Old Arky

The story continues to follow Arkon, a Silver Knight, who is still on his journey to uncover the mystery of why demons are attacking Izalith. Arkon and his fellow knights battle a bevy of small demons but are quickly overwhelmed by what happens after the skirmish. This leads the Silver Knight into a different world that is unfamiliar to him but well known to Dark Souls players. It is clear that Arkon is being challenged to conquer not only physical threats but his own insecurities through a “trial by fire.” His story takes an interesting turn in this issue that is set up for something big later down the line. While Arkon is fighting a horde of demons, Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #2 starts world building and creating new story threads via characters we met in the first issue.

New Challengers Appear

Age of Fire includes two more storyline threads involving Dragon Knight Gravis, Executioner Wurdow, and Channeler Liste. Gravis and Wurdow are leading an assault in New Londo which has been taken over by the undead, while Channeler Liste seeks Seath The Scaleless. This is a great moment for Dark Souls fans as Seath looks amazing and colored beautifully, but this scene is wasted. It almost feels like an obligation at this point to include a Dark Souls boss as a cameo, which I think is great but not like this. He basically just reinforces the fact that he is being bothered by the events of this mini-series. Which begs the question: why bother adding him at all? The Bloodborne mini-series infuses game mechanics and other tidbits from the game in clever ways into its story but I feel that this cameo just doesn’t work because it feels forced.

Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #2 continues the story with some great artwork and new character developments. The issue ends with a great set up for our characters to deal with as they try to find out what’s causing the undead, demons, and dark magic to suddenly appear.

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The Ending
New Characters
Seath The Scaleless
Seath The Scaleless

Review Summary

Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #2 continues the journey of Arkon and his quests to redeem himself after the battle with The Everlasting Dragons. This issue includes a great cameo from the world of Dark Souls but lacks depth as the scene is poorly used.

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