Dark Souls isn’t going to be outdone by the likes of Bloodborne’s own comic book series! Bloodborne: The Death of Sleep is a series filled with mystery that explores the darkness of illness and The Hunt. That series cleverly uses game mechanics to add to its story but Dark Souls, on the other hand, takes a much more direct approach. Dark Souls: The Age of Fire is a promising start with an epic tale to tell about the world of Lordran.

Gods & Dragons

Dark Souls

You follow the journey of a Silver Knight known as Arkon who is mistakenly given the title of Dragonslayer. His primary goal and mission are to serve Gywn, The Lord of Cinder and protect Lordran. Dark Souls fans will recognize Gywn as the final boss for the first Dark Souls game that was recently re-released with an HD upgrade. The art style of this issue is jaw-dropping and helps build this story as an epic tale. Gywn is portrayed as an Omnipotent God who knows no equal as he unleashes his power on several drakes. He is drawn like a greek god and its portrayed beautifully alongside a simple but potent story of service and self-worth. The beginning starts off with a bang but we eventually transition to Lordran and Arkon’s place in this world.

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A Lone Silver Knight

The Age of Fire introduces several new characters to help flesh out the current state of affairs in Lordran. Reading that first act felt like a Greek poem that told the adventures of The Silver Knights and Gywn. While the rest of the issue is spent setting up characters and Arkon’s own desires of being recognized as a Dragonslayer even though he didn’t earn his title. He embarks on a mission to save Handmaidens but is quickly thwarted by something he cannot kill, politics. Arkon is constantly being tested and losing each encounter he meets but still desires to serve to his full potential. He finally gets his chance as he receives orders to march to the city of Izalith and investigates what is happening to its citizens.

Dark Souls: The Age of Fire #1 starts off with a great battle and keeps a solid pace throughout the issue. This mini-series introduces small elements of the game just enough to get a taste of the world Arkon is sworn to protect. Only time will tell what awaits the Silver Knights as they march to meet an unknown enemy.

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