There are apps that show dangerous areas concerning health, ecology, or social status. This is what is referred to as danger mapping. Developers are using data and analytics to identify areas that are dangerous for health, political, or social reasons. One big advantage of this technology is that it is available to users on mobile devices through apps. This increases its convenience for use anywhere in the world.

Political climates, epidemics, and ecological crisis consist of unpredictable threats. Consumers look for ways to alleviate stress on-demand through an overview of dangerous areas in the vicinity to counter the fear of the unknown. This enables individuals to be informed and organized in the face of danger. You can therefore take preventive measures on the go and ease unfounded concern.

Let’s take a look at some of these apps out there

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  • AI-powered mole apps

Artificial intelligence alleviates health anxiety as it enables features like mole mapping. Miiskin is one of the examples of a skin health app with the aid of AI that helps detect early signs of melanoma in individuals. Mole mapping technology has been in the market for quite a while. Its integration for personal use on mobile phones is cutting edge. Users can monitor the condition of their skin at any given time and place. The Miiskin app can detect knee freckles, moles, and other marks on the skin. Doctors also use this app to detect abnormalities.

  • Pollution mapping drones

A group of engineers and scientists collaborated with the non-profit organization Technology to develop a high-tech autonomous drone that is designed to monitor and map volatile organic compounds in the air. These drones can detect harmful gases in the environment like gases produced by vehicle exhaust pipes, gas leaks, and everyday products like glue. The drones are designed to work in groups by combining laser spectroscopy sensors to create 3D models of aerial pollution.

The best thing about these autonomous drones is that they are designed to be part of a proactive system that monitors the aerial environment for pollution and alerts us before it becomes a major problem. Flying gas detection drones have a wide variety of applications in an industrial and commercial setting.

  • Virus-Fighting Mosquito Apps

Premise app is one of the examples of these apps. It is a data and analytics platform that gives real-time information to stop the spread of diseases through mosquitoes. The platform was created by USAID and uses information from local citizens to collect critical data regarding mosquito breeding sites

Research conducted by Premise showed that when people are informed about mosquito breeding grounds and the Zika virus, they are likely to inspect their own homes. Premise app raises awareness among citizens and encourages them to use chlorine to destroy breeding grounds and prevent the disease from spreading. Antoine Flahault the director of the Institute of global health acknowledged Premise said it is quite a new approach and very participatory meaning citizens monitor alarms and will be well aware in case of an outbreak.

Benefits of danger mapping apps

  • It makes it possible for the early planning of a particular area on the effects and impacts of natural phenomena, including political and social differences.
  • Multiple hazards and triggers can be viewed all at once at the same time. Inadequate or missing hazard information like severity, location, and frequency can be easily identified.
  • A study area or a sub-area can be reduced, expanded, or deleted. Study areas can also be divided into sub-areas requiring more information, specific reduction, or additional assessment techniques.
  • It is possible to make a more realistic evaluation of risks to new development.
  • Best hazard reduction techniques can be easily built into the project formulation.
  • It enables the rational selection of appropriate land users.

How can Danger Mapping be converted to a game?

  1. Create an immersive experience all over the world.

With Google, you are able to access millions of 3d sites including roads, buildings, landmarks, cafes, and parks to design your game. Google has the world mapped and you can count on this information all over the world to develop your game. What makes this possible is the data available in over 100 million places.

  1. Customize your game

Roads, buildings, parks, and other sites are turned into game objects in unison depending on the type of game. With Google again you can customize the colour, texture, and sizes to create a game on your own.

  1. Design rich and engaging games in the real world

Get player-friendly and appropriate places for gameplay with Google Maps data. It can help you drive your players to the real-world location that you want for your game. For example when you want to show an endangered zone and what might happen if you got to that specific zone.

  1. Rely on Google scale as you grow

Developing a game with Google map servers means the ability to scale on-demand, faster response time, and peace of mind that your game will definitely work. You can count on globally available gameplay for millions of concurrent players and when there is an increase in traffic.

  1. Build-in unity

You are able to create custom immersive games with Google Maps data in unison. It is the most popular gaming platform used. Developers take advantage of seamless integration AI, Unity physics, lighting, and cross-platform capabilities to create vibrant games that can be played on any device.

Danger mapping is an important tool in the integrated development planning process. Failure to consider all the natural hazards in the development planning process will result in loss of lives, property damages, injuries, and disruption of economic activities. Depending on the size, its location, and its effects the impact can be catastrophic and disastrous. Equally important is the contribution of national and regional scientists, planners, engineers, and decision-makers in the collection and assessment of hazard information.