10 Exciting Details from the Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo

Holy cow, we finally got our first look at Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red livestreamed a long, in-depth, 40-minute gameplay reel of the game’s world, systems, and characters. We couldn’t possibly more excited from what we saw. There are a ton of details that they went into. We highly recommend that you check out GameSpot’s full video below for the full presentation. In case you don’t have time to watch the entire livestream, or just want a recap of some of the highlights, we’ve compiled ten of the most exciting and interesting things that we learned from the Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reel. Check it out below!

1 – Your Character is Highly Customizable from the Start

In the vein of some of Bethesda’s open-world RPG’s, you’ll be able to fully customize your character before you begin the game. This is significant, considering that Projekt Red’s last game, The Witcher 3, just had a single playable character named Geralt. When you first boot up Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll have the option to customize your name, background events, facial appearance, body type, tattoos, clothing, and most importantly, your biostats. Like in Fallout, these biostats give you freedom to change the strengths and weaknesses that define your character. For example, if you prefer to run into a situation with guns-a-blazin’, you might be best off choosing the strength and reflexes stats, as opposed to tech and intelligence. If you dig around, there are a ton of customization options to tailor the game to your playstyle.

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2 – Your Abilities are Powered by Reflex Boosters

Within the first ten minutes of the gameplay demo, we got a detailed look at how combat and gunplay will function. But one of the most interesting of the player-character’s traits was the Kereznikov ability, which let her move in slow-motion for a short time, pump the enemies full of lead, and transition back to real-time. It’s hinted that there are many other abilities like this that are powered by a single fuel: Reflex boosters. Think of these being kind of like BioShock’s EVE hypo injections, except a little less painful, since you inhale them and don’t inject them into your bloodstream. The narrator doesn’t mention reflex boosters for the rest of the demo, but we saw her use the drug many times. Who knows where you can buy those things?


3 – Descriptions of the World Around you are Highly Detailed

At a little before the ten-minute mark, the player walks into her weapon closet and picks up a trusty pistol. You’ll notice as she gazes over it that an infographic pops up displaying all the stats, including the DPS (damage per second), and ROF (rate of fire), in addition to the recoil, spread and range values. These info bubbles aren’t just limited to the pistol, however – in fact, throughout the entire gameplay reel, nearly everything can be scanned for detailed information. From jackets to vendors to vehicles to bad guys, everything has info that can be displayed by just looking over it with your cybernetic eye. Speaking of cybernetics…


4 – Ripper Docs, Cyberware Upgrades are Incredibly Helpful

Cyberpunk 2077’s main upgrade system can be found at your local ripper doc, a biotechnician that can modify your body’s function and install modular cybernetic upgrades, known as “cyberware.” In a creative cutscene, the ripper doc removes the player’s eyeball and installs a new electronic eye, giving them the ability to zoom in and scan far away human targets. He also implants a piece of tech in her hand that wirelessly communicates with whatever gun she’s holding and reports the ammunition count to her eye. You’ll be able unlock a bunch of upgrades like this through the ripper doctors located throughout the city, and some of them even can even give you military-grade upgrades. Just don’t tell anyone – it’s not exactly legal…


5 – Car Chases are Intense… and Third-Person!

You don’t just have to be a pedestrian for the entire game – there’s a detailed network of streets and highways to drive through in whatever vehicle you choose. In the demo, the player’s assistant Jackie owns a sick-looking hybrid sports vehicle that the player drives. But after a minute or so, a gang pulls in front of the car, the back-door pops wide open, and the gang members open fire. The player leans out the window as Jackie takes the wheel, shooting down the gang-ridden vehicle with her pistol. What follows is a high-speed chase through the city streets. It looks exhilarating – hopefully there will be more chases like this as the game goes on.

But when the duo pulls to a stop, the camera pulls outside of the vehicle for a moment. We get a view of the cityscape, and they continue driving in third-person. This is great! First-person driving has never felt intuitive. It’s good to see that despite Projekt Red’s controversial decision to position the game’s perspective in first-person, you have the option to detach from your character and see your vehicle while driving.


6 – You Have a LOT of Options

Cyberpunk is, of course, an open-world game, so there’s no set path that you can follow from start to finish. But even with that in mind, it seems that there might be even more diverse options and repercussions in this world than we thought. For example, in this quest, you would have the option to approach a situation peacefully and risk being betrayed. You could also brute-forcing it and retrieve your objective by killing everyone. As the narrator puts it, “Each [option] will have consequences that will ripple through the game world and your story.” Even things as small as dialogue can branch in multiple ways depending on your responses. Really, no one playing Cyberpunk will have the same experience as someone else when it comes out – there are so many paths to go down that it will be impossible to predict how your story will go.


7 – The Pause Menu has Secrets…

37 minutes into the gameplay, we got a peak at the pause menu… and wow, there’s a lot to cover here. The tabs at the top of the screen show that there are multiple menus to peruse: Codex, Quests, Bio Monitor, Inventory, GPS, Crafting, and Social. Unfortunately, we only get to see the inventory panel, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate! We’re most intrigued by the social tab on the far upper right. Could this mean that there’s some sort of online co-op mode? Or does this just let you monitor your in-game relationships with characters vital to the plot? What about the Codex tab? And Crafting – what kind of crafting elements can we put our craftsmanship skills to in Cyberpunk 2077? We sure don’t see any crafting in this demo. There’s a lot of teasers for the future here – we can’t wait to see what Projekt Red unveils.


8 – For an RPG, there Sure is a Lot of FPS

Now, the narrator goes out of his way multiple times to say that Cyberpunk is an RPG – and we don’t doubt that. Between the stat details and upgrades and customization, the RPG aspects of this game are shaping up to be incredibly compelling. But despite all that, Cyberpunk seems to be influenced heavily by the first-person shooter genre.

Towards the end of the demo, the player cheats a little and activates abilities some late game abilities. From that point on it pretty much turns into a full-on action FPS. We got to witness them run along a wall, jump down, stab someone, shoot another guy with a shotgun, sprint into the next room, duck behind blockades, wield a homing machine gun, double jump, tilt out from behind barriers, and ricochet bullets off walls. It seems like a gunplay system that comes straight out of Doom Eternal! It’s interesting to see Projekt Red opt for a fast action-based RPG, as opposed to something like, say, Fallout’s slower pace, but we think it’s paid off!


9 – You can Hack Someone’s Neurons to Affect their Comrades

If you’ve ever wanted to jump into someone’s brain like in The Matrix or Inception, we’ve got great news for you! You’ll be able to jack into an enemy to access his “neural network,” deploying software and disabling other nearby cronies with the touch of a button. In the demo, the player uses a neural network hack to disable a nearby enemy’s connection to his gun. Assumedly, there will be many kinds of neural network hacks you can impede nearby enemies with. Seems a little bit BioShocky – we dig it.


10 – Boss Fights are Intense

The raid finishes off with a tense battle against Royce, the leader of the gang. Like any proper boss, he has a weak spot to infiltrate. The player dashes back and forth, shooting at the shield behind him when she can. After abolishing the shield, she finishes him off with three short tack-rifle shots, and the job is finished. Hopefully we’ll get to see more boss fights like these when the game releases. It was a fantastic finish to an exciting raid, and an interesting conclusion to a very detailed gameplay video.


What did you think of the Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay reveal? Did we miss any important details? Sound off in the comments! Make your voice heard! PROVE US WRONG! …respectfully, please 🙂

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